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Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

25 Jul 2018 12:03

Hi all.

I have a friend, female, 60, who has a gastroscopy appointment next week, and doesn't know whether she should have sedation, and if she doesn't have it, should she go with someone anyway. She doesn't have any family nearby so I've offered to accompany her if she wants. 

If you've had this procedure please can I have your opinions about whether or not sedation is important, and whether or not she can go unaccompanied. Thanks in advance. 

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

26 Jul 2018 09:25 in response to telemando

Hi, I had one last year, I had sedation and didn't feel a thing, I'm not a brave soldier. The spray on the throat for me tasted horrible but I didn't have to put up with it for long as I was out of it. I cudnt have coped with the sensation in my throat. That's just my personal opinion. . 3 out of 4 people in the day unit went for sedation. You are in hospital a few hours with sedation but out quicker with just the spray.

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

26 Jul 2018 09:49 in response to scones

Thanks scones.  I know that I, too, would opt for sedation. 

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

26 Jul 2018 19:52 in response to telemando

Hi Tele,

Sorry, I tried to reply a couple of days ago but had problems logging on.

I had a colonoscopy via stoma and a gastroscopy a few weeks/months ago. As far as I recall I'd asked for sedation but don't know if I actually had it. They coyldn't complete the colonoscopy due to a stricture.

Although I had the numbing spray on my throat, for the whole time the tube was in, I was tring to vomit. Most uncomfortable. Fortunately it was over in minutes and as soon as the tube was removed I was ok.

I probably did have sedation because I was in the recovery ward afterwards and supposed to stay for at least an hour. However, as soon as I told them my lift was on the way to the ward, they let me go straight away.

For such tests I'd always have sedation and I'd always prefer to have somebody to accompany me. I'm lucky that there's always someone there for me.




Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

27 Jul 2018 14:40 in response to telemando

Hi I had two last year. The first was without sedation which although not painful I found it quite frightening. The second one just six weeks later I was given a sedation. It’s a very light sedation which relaxes you and I’m sure makes their job much easier. You will be left to recover in a sideward for 30-60 minutes. You can’t drive after sedation and will need someone to take you home afterwards.

i also had a Colonoscopy in May this year with sedation, again very light just to relax you. In fact I found this procedure very interesting and watched the whole thing on the screen as it was done. 

Be reassured that both these procedures are common practice and you will be in good hands I’m sure. 

Good luck. 

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

12 May 2019 06:26 in response to Gymjunky

I had the most traumatic experience ever with my gastroscopy! instant retching as soon as the camera got to the back of my mouth had to stop the doc before he got to my esophagus, I had the numbing spray but I cannot express how traumatic this was for me I haven't gagged or retched like that before in my life! I got quite upset instantly after as I wanted to find out what was wrong with me now I have to wait again and I didn't have a clue it was going to be that bad, the doc said I could go under general anesthetic next time but I'm going for a throat xray first to see if that shows up anything, hopefully all is ok though.
Would not recommend this to anybody but if it needs doing it needs doing Happy


Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

12 May 2019 06:56 in response to Charlie3689

Hi, sorry to hear about your experience, did you opt for sedation.? I didn’t remember a thing once the sedation took effect. I also had sedation with a colonoscopy and woke up screaming for them to stop, three times this happened, when I did wake up, I was violently sick, think they must have kept giving me more of something to knock me out. My hand was completely black with bruising, they must have been holding me down. Not a nice experience at all so I can understand your concern.

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

30 Jun 2019 16:24 in response to telemando

Hi, i consider myself pretty brave so decided go without sedation as i just wanted 2 get home quickly. It was horrific! It tricks ur brain in2 thinking u cant breathe n ev tho this was explained 2 me n i thought i cud overcome it i went in2 a blind panic. Am booked in 4 anoth n wudnt even attempt it without sedation. It will b traumatic enough 4 ur friend so anything that makes it easier 4 her should b taken. Also, if she does choose not 2 b sedated u should still go with her if poss, she will need a friend.

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

30 Jun 2019 17:09 in response to telemando

The worst thing feeling like your going to be sick all the time pipe is down you throat or that your choking sedation is best way especially it your nervous.


Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

30 Jun 2019 20:35 in response to telemando

I've heard some people are fine with it however personally i had sedation as i get really anxious if i feel like i can't breathe. The spray does taste horrible but after the sedation i only remembering a little retching and for the rest of it i was out and don't remember it. If she has sedation then someone would need to take her home but if not then she can go unattended. 

Hope it goes well for her x 

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

3 Jul 2019 15:57 in response to Sammyg2010

I had this procedure done yesterday and decided to use just throat spray. As i have a toddler and i wanted to be able to go home asap and not be groggy!

It was honestly the worst experience i have ever had. Childbirth was easier to go through. I would 100% suggest that you have the sedation. I have heard some people have been ok with the just the throat spary and my hat goes off to them! 


Positives are that it is over with very quickly and you can go straight home. But it is a very traumatic experience in my opinion and should be done under sedation x 

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

9 Jul 2019 16:09 in response to candyce

Could not agree more Sammyg2010! Just had mine this morning & whilst I thought none sedation would be tough, I had no idea how traumatic it would be.

I'm amazed anyone who goes for just throat spray would recommend others to try it.....I would advocate sedation everytime & can't believe they actually have a none sedation option  

So glad it is over, just the constant retching & panic have left my throat so sore & bruised.....never again without sedation

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

10 Jul 2019 17:45 in response to Cathsam001

I had mine this morning with just throat spray, tried it on 3 attempts and failed it was very traumatic felt as though I was constantly choking have to be rebooked for sedation just wanted to know does it still feel as though you are choking with sedation as that’s what nurse said that I would still get that type of sensation 

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

10 Jul 2019 19:10 in response to emkeely

I did manage to hold out long enough with throat spray to finish the procedure so didn't need sedation, although other people at clinic who had sedation were noticeably less traumatised. It appears that although you are still likely to retch, the sedation and mix of drugs make the passage of tube easier, so I assume it is decidedly less traumatic.

Hopefully someone who has had the sedation will also reply and give you a better idea. Good Luck xxx

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

31 Jul 2019 21:23 in response to Cathsam001

I had it done three years ago and went for the throat spray and I remember gagging a bit and the nurse told me I went a funny shade of white and whilst it was clearly not an enjoyable experience I did not find it that bad, though I was keen for it to end. I did note that of about 10 other patients on the ward I think I was the only one who chose this route. I had another one done today and opted for the throat spray again. I have to admit to being slightly fearful, but the nurses were very reassuring and supportive telling me how well I was doing throughout and it really helped. The thing that helped me the most though was to focus solely on breathing in and out constantly during the procedure and I found it a breeze and it felt like no time at all. The doctor said to me that I seemed "to go into some sort of zone"! On both occasions I did not find the spray itself that bad.

In short, it is not a lot of fun but if you want to be in and out quickly then go for the spray and just focus on the breathing. If time is not an issue for you and/or you worry about the breathing/gagging aspect then go for sedation and remember you will need someone to collect you.

Hope this helps