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7 Mar 2018 07:53


My wife has got Neuroendocrine tumours and needs a total Gastrectomy to stop the tumor spreading, we live in west scotland and our hospital in inverness. Has any body got any Gastrectomy experience?


Re: Gastrectomy

7 Mar 2018 10:51 in response to freeflow

Hello freeflow and welcome.  I should say straight away that I had never heard of the word Gastrectomy until I read your post and on looking it up on the CRUK website I could not find anyone who has posted about an experience of this. But someone may come along with their experience - I hope they do. 

Anyway, I thought of taking a look at the MacMillan Cancer Support website and am attaching a post about the difficulties of swallowing food after this.  There is useful advice and a link to a MacMillan booklet on the system.   I realise you may have already looked at the MacMillan website already in which case my apologies for not helping you gain information.

Best wishes to your wife and yourself.  Annie

Re: Gastrectomy

7 Mar 2018 18:05 in response to Annieliz

Thank you