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Frightening Myself Over Swollen Gland Under Arm

18 Aug 2019 17:23

Hello, I’m a 47 year old woman in the midst of the perimenopause and all its related joys.

Five weeks ago I developed a swollen gland under my arm and it has been coming and going ever since. It is extremely painful and much worse during my period when both breasts feels horrible, though there are no skin changes, nipple issues or lumps.

I went to the gp who said yes there was a swollen gland and then gave me antibiotics and a fungal cream two days ago but since then the pain has increased significantly to the point where lifting my arm is making me shriek.

Stupidly I have been getting myself into a state consulting Dr  Google and now I’m terrified I have either breast cancer or lymphoma of some kind.

i suppose i am now looking for other people’s experiences? Did a painful gland mean cancer for you? Am I being dramatic or is my worry at this age justified?

Other than thyroid issues I am otherwise healthy, no night sweats, weight loss, appetite change or other symptoms and feel perfectly well. If the antibiotics don’t work the gp is suggesting an ultrasound and even the thought of that is frightening me. I have never before has such terrible health anxiety and feel terribly rifldiculous... but I do feel as though there is something wrong?

Frightening Myself Over Swollen Gland Under Arm

18 Aug 2019 22:19 in response to Spooked

Hello Spooked


I'm really sorry to read you are feeling ao worried and anxious, so am just offering a bit of moral support and sending a hug.


I'm 48 and over the last couple of days have developed a bit of soreness in my armpit/down my arm, and at the top of my left breast.


Like you, I have consulted Dr Google and ended up absolutely petrified.......  I have an 8 year old little girl and am sitting here in tears, wondering what on earth will happen to her if something hapoens to me.

I was going to give myself a few days to see if symptoms calm down but I thing I will drive myself loooy and so I am going to contact doctors in the morning.

I hope everything is okay for you... sending positive thoughts..


Frightening Myself Over Swollen Gland Under Arm

19 Aug 2019 10:11 in response to Spooked

Hello Spooked, although I cannot really give you any advice re lumps and the whole connection with breast cancer I can advise that I had an underarm very painful lump a few years back - I am now 47 (oh yes, the joys of all that IKWYM)... my lump ended up being lanced/drained and no issues at all.  An ultrasound scan will definitely get to the bottom of it and is nothing to get worried about in that sense but we do naturally get concerned over the unknown - I am exactly the same and waiting for the results of a pelvic scan which is why I have found myself on these boards recently.  

I hope it all goes okay for you - let us know how you get on.  Do you have a follow-up appointment with your GP soon and an appointment for an ultrasound booked? 


Frightening Myself Over Swollen Gland Under Arm

19 Aug 2019 11:21 in response to VickyA

Hi Vicky and this is for spooked, my advice to both of you right now. DO NOT USE DR GOOGLE, because as you both have it’s affected you. Vicky, sitting in tears having read DR google. Well I sorry to say bout google give you a whole range of symptoms that can fit almost every ill not the exact diagnosis, spooked I have Had almost the same symptoms as yourself. It did turn out with blocked. I do not understand why people turn to Dr Google because you only become more worried, which seems as if it’s actual done that to both. I have terminal metastatic Kung cancer, noway whoukd I  want to even bother with DR google. The sypotome are far too generi,  so it’s covering all basis. Also how many actually UK sites are they in google, not many I assure you. They are mostly American. They just seem to be a paranoid country , that because in Amarica they want people running drs, because they pay upfront for medical health. Seriously. Keep away, I can’t say I have not looked because I had. According to this sites based on some symptoms I had at that time. I should have had me literally running like hell yo the Drs insisting I went straight to hospital. Instead I found myself bursting out laughing,whatit inficated what could be wrong and have one, thing I definitely knew. No way no how could their theory be correct. It was totally impossible. Because I would, have had to be mail. Now I am not. After giving birth 5 times so please ladies. Just trust in yourself above anyone else. Us women tend to have a 6th sense if it was serious, you just can not start reading things especially medical things. You and everyone elsi emo panic on DR google. You will both end up becoming paranoid  or having neverous breakdown ok 

Best of I luck ladies. No more Df Google xx


Frightening Myself Over Swollen Gland Under Arm

19 Aug 2019 18:13 in response to marj58

Hi Marj..... I'm so sorry to read your prognosis.....

I phoned the doctor this morning and the GP managed to fit me in.

She said that she couldn't feel anything untoward but that because I have larger breasts, it was difficult to examine fully.

She has referred me to Breast Clinic at hospital for mammagram, seen by specialist etc and hopefully this should be within a couple of weeks.....


Going to be a long couple of weeks but I have got some holiday brochures to plan my 50th and trying to stay positive.


I'm scared, but doing my best - and NO MORE Dr Google.  Xx

Frightening Myself Over Swollen Gland Under Arm

21 Aug 2019 02:59 in response to VickyA

Hi Vicky please please keep me informed. I just get so angry with Dr google because what they don’t tell you, is because you have actually hiiglited a particular word like cancer it the first one that comes up, but it probably one of 15 things it could be. If you had followed all the links they send you on hours of reading you would find out that your symptoms are properly at the bottom of the list then eventually to would come across a page for a further information you are then expected to pay, it’s a con, but I do get so so frustrated because of what they do to a money racket. Leaving poor women like yourself in tears constantly worried, this is one reason I actually advise everyone one not to use Dr Google. It does a lot more harm than good. Whatever you search if put uk at the end if the search you Will find a load of American sites on the uk pages. I really am pleased that you are actually taking action Vicky, lots of love and please please keep me updated. I would really like to know how you get on, if ever you want to ask me anything or just want to chat have a good moan please feel free to contact me and do so ok Vicky love Marj xxxx

Frightening Myself Over Swollen Gland Under Arm

21 Aug 2019 20:47 in response to marj58

Hi Marj

Bless your heart, thank you so so much.

I have an appointment on Wednesday and I will let you know as soon as I am home.

Trying to keep busy and trying my absolute best not to think about it....

I really appreciate you taking the time to reply and to hold a hand out - it is so very much appreciated...

Vicky  xx