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Fine needle aspiration results

14 Jan 2022 16:10

Hi everyone! I'm just reaching out for some support tonight as I'm really struggling with my anxiety.

7 weeks ago, I had fine needle aspiration on 3 of my 6 thyroid nodules. I was told I would know the results in 10 days. I have been trying to make contact with my consultant's secretary with no luck. So today I rang PALS. Within 10 minutes of ringing them, the secretary called me with an appointment for THIS TUESDAY! Now I am really scared, that the appointment was offered so quickly, and that they just didn't tell me or write to me.  I'm feeling really scared and overwhelmed right now!



Fine needle aspiration results

14 Jan 2022 18:06 in response to Jannymoo

Please try not to worry. Even in the worst case scenario where it is thyroid cancer (and that isn't especially likely, especially as they didn't even offer you an appointment until you rang)...well, I've had thyroid cancer and when my specialist diagnosed me, his comment was "ah, it's not the worst case in the world." And he was right. All it meant was that I had to have my thyroid removed (and radioiodine treatment, but that is just a bit annoying).

To be honest, I would suspect (though I could be wrong) that if you had cancer, they would have contacted you well before 7 weeks. I had an appointment for a week after my biopsy and even with that, the rang two days before it to ask me to have the ultrasound scan sent on to them (they didn't give me any results early, but...they did ring to be sure they had the scans for it). 

But even if you do (and the odds are against it), the most common forms of thyroid cancer are very treatable and usually just by surgery (and often radioiodine treatment). Radioiodine treatment is just taking one capsule. The only thing is it's annoying as you have to be in isolation afterwards because you are radioactive, but it doesn't hurt or make you sick or anything. I was back at work a month after my surgery.

Fine needle aspiration results

14 Jan 2022 20:31 in response to MargaretMary

Thank you so much for this. I will try and enjoy my weekend. I hope you have a lovely weekend also x