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Finding it difficult to accept lung cancer diagnosis

13 Jan 2018 08:06

Hello all

Three days ago I received a call from the hospital to tell me that the recent PET scan had lit up when it discovered a tumor in my upper right lung.  

This measured 15mm x 8mm and they now tell me this upper part of the lung must to be removed asap.  Pre op is arranged for 24th January.  There has been no mention whatsoever of having a biopsy at all.  When i asked how could they be sure it was cancer and not anything else i was told they couldn’t until the lung was operated on and the tumor removed. Right now i’m finding all of this very hard to understand & accept as i’m already stage 5 renal transplant failure and about to go onto dialysis again.  

Im feeling very low and confused right now as each month I regularly have my full blood counts done because of the renal failure and only two weeks ago specific B and T cell blood studies were performed, the results of which were also within the normal range while obviously i had this tumor.  

How could these cancerous cells have grown so large and still been missed on these blood tests?  My partner  is devastated just as much as myself and yet i cannot get any real answers  

Re: Finding it difficult to accept lung cancer diagnosis

13 Jan 2018 10:04 in response to Jackhammer

Hi there Sorry your going through so much, but this horrible cancer has no compation, who or age, it lashes onto ... and can't help with your questions , maybe get back to your oncologist team and say your confused but need some answers... 

It sure is like a rollercoaster like we call it ... but hang on in there, and if you look back on the rollercoaster,  wer all on it together ... so hold on tight, it's a bumpy ride ... don't forget, cancer wants to see you cave in ... don't give it that satisfaction... you put on your boxing gloves and give it a run for its money ... Chrissie x

Re: Finding it difficult to accept lung cancer diagnosis

13 Jan 2018 10:50 in response to Jackhammer

I too have recently been told I have lung cancer and feel devastated my app. is on Tuesday but because I had breast cancer 9 years ago I must see their specialist so like you am confused, we must keep battling on x Alys

Re: Finding it difficult to accept lung cancer diagnosis

13 Jan 2018 15:16 in response to AlysAudrey

It shouldn’t be that anyone is told by phone they have cancer and then have to wait another two weeks to find out who their Oncology team is going to be in order to discuss it further.

My thoughts are very much with you Chrissie and Alys at this terrible time

We are indeed all in this together aren’t we.. Xx


Re: Finding it difficult to accept lung cancer diagnosis

13 Jan 2018 23:15 in response to Jackhammer

Hi there ... i thought every oncology team went by the same rules ... where i am , they only tell you face to face, and have their own oncology nurses to see you after, and explain anything you need to know ... i would have been really angry if they had told me by phone ... 

It may be an idea to write to your m.p or the consultants at your hospital, it just may stop anyone else going through what you have ... esp if it's done from the heart and not just an angry letter ... tell them how it made you feel ... 

Maybe an idea to take a close friend / family member with you on your appointment,  write down any questions you have .. and tell them if you don't understand any information...

Take care .... Chrissie x