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financial worries

17 Nov 2022 17:34


I've started radiotherapy two weeks ago for prostate cancer, the side effects are quite debilitating (fatigue, incontintence, and diarrhoea) I am currently signed off sick from my employment, which has led to a significant drop in income this month, and probably next month, can anyone help with advice on how to get some (temporary) financial help to tide me over, until I start 

employment again

With thanks


financial worries

17 Nov 2022 19:16 in response to bravetony

Hi Tony

Have you looked at the Macmillan website? They do financial grants for people diagnosed with cancer. I applied for it when I was first diagnosed but unfortunately I didn't get it as I had too much in savings. I was also advised to apply for ESA whilst I wasn't in can apply for this online.

Hope this helps and you aren't suffering too badly from the side effects....I also had pelvic radiotherapy and had the same side effects as yourself.

Take care x

financial worries

17 Nov 2022 19:59 in response to haylzz

Thanks , I'll try both, good luck for the future, hope you're ok

financial worries

17 Nov 2022 20:15 in response to bravetony

Cant you apply for pip im sure u would qualify 

financial worries

17 Nov 2022 21:21 in response to Laurenjordan

Yes, I'm awaiting a gp to get back to me to arrange this, it takes time though, you know how busy gp' s  are

financial worries

6 Dec 2022 14:31 in response to bravetony

Hi Tony. Speak to the radiotherapy team. They could lead you in the right direction. Here in Sheffield there is a cancer charity next to the hospital. They have all the forms you need. My advice is DO NOT FILL THE FORMS IN YOURSELF. AT ALL. Let them do it. They will tell you what to write. Do not even fill your name in unless told to. I'm eligible for, and entitled to PIP and UC. Though I'm now really feeling the pinch and looking at facing really bad times after Xmas. I need more avenues to explore. I cannot go back to work yet at all.