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Feeling very unsettled

14 Feb 2020 23:29

Iv always had periods that have been roughly 10 days been heavy and pain wise intense. I had my son and breastfed for over a year he's two almost 3 now I woke up in the middle of the night with terrible pain in my stomach on my right side I called 111 and ended up in the hospital for suspected appendix ended up was a cyst that should go on itself. They said they would rescan in a month and see if it had grown in the meantime I went back to the doctors over 5 times because of what feels like ovarian pain and always I get alot of pain in my arm pit mainly my left I just kept getting well you have an appointment coming it will just be the cyst had my scan no cyst I had a letter to go to the gynacologist and as soon as I went in he was like cyst as gone and wanted me back out the door I tried to tell him about all the systems but he said this was referral regarding the cyst and that cyst isn't there I kept trying to continue to tell him about my periods and the pain in my stomach he said the pill is what will help me I tried to tell him I didn't want the pill I got a copy of the letter and he said my periods are regular which they aren't they go from 4-7 weeks and last 4 days my doctor rang to say they have been told to sort the pill out again I told my doctor I wasn't happy with the outcome and what is in the letter were not the facts he said if the pain still persists to come back in. I work and it's not the easiest to go to the doctors iv had some really bad days this week I'm trying to take care of my son but I'm so tired my armpits throb and my ovaires are so tender if I bend down to put my own shoes on or my son's it aggrovates the pain I'm bloated I wake up with indigestion I feel so out of balance and so unsettled with not having a clue what's going on with my body and why I feel like this I feel a **** mum because I'm so tired my stomach is just getting me so down I went back to the doctors today after finally being able to get in the que after days of trying she felt my stomach she said it's definitely my ovaries and she wants me to go back to gynacologist. I'm scared I'm uncomfortable I can't even sit with my legs up on the sofa anyway I have to have my body straight I'm a single mum so I'm not sexually active this as been going on since November and I feel so drained. Drained with being told to take paracetamol and not being heard Or listened to and no scared to wait longer for another appointment i forgot to say one of the doctors before tried to refer me to the breast clinic they rejected it because they don't see people for pain in the breast 

Feeling very unsettled

16 Feb 2020 14:55 in response to Rochelle123

Hi Rochelle and welcome to the forum.

I'm really sorry to read what you've been through. It sounds like you've had a very tough time of late and it's completely understandable why you're feeling so drained.

I'm not sure when your next appointment with the gynaecologist is, but I just wanted to wish you good luck and let you know we'll be thinking of you. I really hope they listen to you this time and are able to provide you with some answers to what's going on.

Hopefully some of our members will offer their support and advice when they can but if you'd like to talk things through with someone then our cancer nurses are just a phone call away on 0808 800 4040, Monday - Friday between 9a.m - 5p.m.

Kind regards,

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator