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feeling very lost

17 Oct 2019 13:15

im finding it very hard in copin the loss of my beutiful wife .

its been nearly 9 months on since tammy my wife passed away 

i miss her so much its really hurts 


feeling very lost

17 Oct 2019 21:10 in response to baza

Hi baza,

Im new here but couldnt pass by your post without commenting. So sad to hear about the passing of your wife, i am sure it has been the most difficult thing you have ever experienced. Make sure you take the time to grieve properly. If you need to cry, then let it out and if you need to talk then talk, be this to friend or relatives or a charity. Maybe write down all of the memories you have of her in a book or make a photo album with all of your photos of her in so that you can look back over these to remember her the best that you can as time progresses.

Once your grief gets to a point where it is more manageable then maybe take up a hobby or try some new things to help occupy your mind so to help yourself. She is always with you and i am sure she would want you to have a great life so do it for her Happy


All the best.