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Feeling very Anxious

17 Jul 2019 00:07

Hi,  I have been reading everybody's comments on here lately, and have found it very helpful. So I thought I would post my own situation.  I am 34 year old female.Many months back I went to my gp with the complaint of extreme tiredness,  She done a blood test, which came back very low iron, so she put me on iron tablets to take daily. she felt this would solve the problem.  However 8 weeks later I went back for repeat blood test as advised, which came back no better than the 1st set of bloods taken.  Only then, my gp decided to do a full blood count, which came back with results of me being anemic. She referred me for an endoscopy and colonoscopy, as she said I am bleeding from somewhere.  The hospital decided to just do the endoscopy.  Results came back fine for that. She has now referred me for a colonoscopy again, so I am in the process of waiting to get my appointment date for that. My symptoms are slightly worrying as I obviously have unexplained anemia, blood on the toilet paper after emptying bowels, stomach pain (not constant) but regular enough. The tiredness for me is probably the most obvious symptom. I have 2 young children and really feel exhausted all of the time. Worried as everytime I research any of my symptoms it brings me to bowel cancer.   Wondering if anybody has had anything similar to my situation and what was the outcome? 

Feeling very Anxious

17 Jul 2019 01:00 in response to Pixie.pie

All the waiting on results is so hard try to think in a positive way that it is the anemia causing the tiredness