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Feeling scared

14 Nov 2017 11:18

Hello everyone I'm new to posting but I'm feeling really scared right now. I've been having problems with my health lately and last week I went to see the doctor. She confirmed I have a prolapse although she's not sure which. I've been passing blood whilst passing urine Anyway to cut a long story short I've bee given a 2 week wait urgent appointment to see the urologist due to suspected Cancer and I'm absolutely terrified. I've got no idea what will happen at this appointment and don't really have anyone to talk to other than my partner but don't want to talk to him as he's lost so many to Cancer Sad

Re: Feeling scared

14 Nov 2017 20:29 in response to Makenna

Hi there, welcome to our little chat room ... I wish there was a quick way to get appointments ... it's the one thing we all hate ... but sadly there's no way round it ... I had a fare few call backs over the years and only last one positive ... so many times where I panicked and all was fine ... so now I just come to terms with waiting ... I just try to put the " what ifs" out of my head and just know I'll deal with things as and when they pop up ... although it's always in the back of my mind ... but try to keep as busy as poss .. my other half lost his wife to breast cancer 15 years ago  ...and here I am with exactly the same ... but he's o.k  cos I'm a very positive lady ... and you will need to open up with him at some point, you can help support each other ... well I'm sending you a big virtual hug .. you can always chat on here if you need to chat or even vent ... we're here for both ... take care chrisie xx