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Feeling lonely on my journey.

20 Nov 2017 16:56 in response to Wendy77

Oh poor you, you’ve really got a plateful at the moment. Put you and your son first, you’re what matters now. Your nan will be a lovely memory when you get over the shock and can grieve and you must grieve to be able to carry on with your life, your nan wouldn’t have wanted you to live a misrerable life so be gentle and don’t expect too much from yourself. 

Feeling lonely on my journey.

2 Oct 2018 11:16 in response to Wendy77


just saw your post and felt the need to message you. 

I’m feeling much the same atm and awaiting a bone scan tomorrow, it is a lonely journey with friends and family, because it’s easier for them to believe life goes on as normal but for us it’s a daily battle to stay positive and not let the dark thoughts get the better of us. 

Stay strong, those of us on this journey know how it feels and are here to chat and encourage xxx

Feeling lonely on my journey.

17 Apr 2019 18:58 in response to estoria

Hi. Wendy77

Its been a while since you had a reply, so just dropping in to say hello and hope you're ok.


Feeling lonely on my journey.

26 Apr 2019 19:17 in response to Deb53

hi Deb53

I came to the end of my journey in March last year. I have been back at work for almost a year now. I go for my second annual mammogram next month. It comes round so fast and is always scary. I’ve had more operations to make my other breast the same as the reconstructed one. Still have plenty of other appointments to attend aswell due to now being in the early menopause. We sadly also lost my dad 6 months ago. My neighbours daughter who was 32 also passed away from bowel cancer in january. I’m hoping things will start to improve now. Thank you for the message. 



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