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Family in greece

3 Dec 2017 09:41

It is amazing how easy it is to take the nhs scheme here in uk for granted. When suddenly you are faced with a close member of the family in a country with no NHS scheme and they have no backup plan for there health needs. It is understandable when you take into account there life style. She is in her 70's and leads a simple life and never had the need for health cover. In these countries this must be a common problem. So what happen to these people where do they go for treatment that there is no way they can afford? I would be very grateful if anyone can help me?


Re: Family in greece

5 Dec 2017 19:07 in response to Leonardm

I know nothing about Greek healthcare but after reading your post I looked it up on Wikipedia.  It says, and I have no way of knowing how correct this may be, that technically illegal healthcare clinics have sprung up following the austerity measures in recent years.  They are supported by private donations.  I expect you have already looked up this question on the internet and almost certainly have a better idea of what actually happens in practice.    I don't know where else you might go for information.  My best wishes.

Re: Family in greece

8 Dec 2017 18:33 in response to Leonardm


Like your family member I too live. In greece.  Over the past few months I have had numerous hospital stays, scans, tests and medical examinations.  There is a health service here and I have found them very thorough, helpful and quick. By using my AMKA (social security number) obtained from my local council office. You just need your residency card (should have one if they own a vehicle) plus your passport. It's free of charge and Only took ten minutes to organise. This enables you to get cheaper prescriptions, and health benefits.  I have also  used several private  laboratories for blood tests and ct scans but these are so cheap compared to England that it's never been an issue.

I live on an island and all the facilities have been open to me just like the nhs would be if I'd be a uk resident.

My experience of waiting times and procedures in England is far worse than here. I've had appointments made immediately here for me so please be encouraged and not discouraged.

I hope this helps and I wish your family member every good wish for a speedy recovery.