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Failed colonoscopy

23 Jun 2022 07:44

Yesterday my colonoscopy had to be stopped as I was in so much pain. They couldn't give me Fentanyl as i am sensitive to it, so I had 2mg Midazolam and Entonox. I felt no benefit from the medication at all (I  had Entonox whilst trying to have a broken wrist re-set a few years ago and it worked perfectly - i giggled my way through the whole process! ).

They suspected it was so painful because of the C-section I had nearly 40 years ago. Although the staff were really kind and supportive from start to finish and did their  absolute best, I still felt guilty and pathetic that I couldn't take the pain.  This morning I googled 'failed colonoscopy' and found this forum. I am just so,so grateful to read that others have had similar experiences and now I feel less like it was my fault. Thank you all so much.

Failed colonoscopy

23 Jun 2022 09:01 in response to Lulu55

Please don't feel guilty or pathetic - it is nothing you have done. Some people are just unfortunate. 

I have colonoscopies every 2 years and mine tend to be very painful. I have just made it to the end of them all but only just. My other family members, but contrast, seem to find them easy and fall asleep during them! 

I find the medication has little effect on me too.

Then, after years of easy and straightforward colonoscopies, my sister had a really bad one and they couldn't get to the end of it. It was just bad luck- nothing anyone had done. I randomly had one easy-ish one last time - the doctor told me it can just vary on the day.

When my sister's colonoscopy wasn't completed they offered her a CT scan. I guess that depends on the reason for the colonoscopy (we have them due to family history).


I hope you've managed to have some rest and are feeling OK. 

Failed colonoscopy

23 Jun 2022 14:42 in response to Applebee

Ah, thank you Applebee, you have really helped to reassure me that it's not my fault. You and your family have certainly been through a lot of colonoscopies, I do hope that you are all doing well.

I have managed to get some rest today and have no pain, thankfully. Hopefully I will be back on form again tomorrow. 

I was not expecting any problems at all, as three of my friends and family had told me that they pretty much sailed through their procedures, so it did come as a shock to me.

Now to wait and see what will happen next in these investigations! 

Thanks again for taking the time to reply  x