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Excessive menstrual bleeding for 9 weeks

5 Mar 2021 14:48

I have posted on here before and have no idea how to find it so I'm going to write another.

I am 27, two children (c sections) and I have PCOS (diagnosed 10 years ago) I don't ovulate, so regularly go months without a period. When I have got them throughout the years they can be heavy and longer than your average but nothing longer than 10 days. 


I started my period on January 4th 2021 and it has not stopped. I had a full 3 weeks of severe bleeding and huge blood clots regularly. I contacted my GP who said its probably because I missed a few months (this has never happened to me before despite many months without period is a regular thing for me) he prescribed me something acid I forget the name. This made my bleeding lighter thankfully but it never stopped. Once the course was over it began to get really bad again back to heavy with huge clots. I then got another course of the same medication which did the same thing again. 

I had blood tests to check my iron levels, thyroid, kidney function which came back within normal ranges. 

I had an ultrasound on 25th February which showed nothing to explain this issue. My ovaries are Polycystic and my left is enlarged I believe. My lining was at 10mm at the time of the scan, and the sonographer as well as my GP said it wasn't much of a concern but in my mind I've already been bleeding for nearly 8 weeks so surely it was thicker and should be investigated maybe? It looked smooth tho he mentioned. He said I could have polyp or something however couldn't see one. 

My gp wants me to go on the pill after I have my hormone bloods taken Monday however I really don't want to just mask the issue because this is so abnormal it just won't stop! 

I'm currently in the middle of taking a course of tranexamic acid now. My bleeding is finally lighter again but im still passing large clots with watery red blood or spotting. I have a course of norethisterone tablets waiting as well but my gp didn't mention if I stop the other and start this now. I feel totally on my own with my concerns and I'm fearing the worst whenever I Google my symptoms (I know ha) but what else do I have apart from worrying in my mind! 

Am I over thinking this? Am I doing right pushing for more? The sonographer asked when my next smear was which it is in January (previous one was absolutely fine) and that made me worry about the chances of cervical cancer. My head is just a mess. Any advice of anyone going through similar id love to chat.  Google has lead me to this forum im sorry if im posting on the wrong subject

Excessive menstrual bleeding for 9 weeks

5 Mar 2021 15:51 in response to Mrsbtob

Hello Mrsbtob

You can find the other post that you've mentioned here along with the reply from one of our nurses. 

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