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Enchondromas or Chondrosarcoma?

21 Jul 2019 14:51

hi there

Im sorry to message when so many are going through so much, but I wondered if I can have some help please or if anyone has experienced the same as me. 

Eight weeks ago I underwent a CT scan because I’ve got kidney stones. I went to my doctor a few days later and they advised me I had a lesion on my pelvic bone. At the time I wasn’t too concerned because I was in so much pain with my kidney. He informed me that he didn’t know what to do so he would look into it and get back to me! Two weeks later I got a letter for an MRI to be carried out the following week. 

My MRI was carried out on the 4th July, they informed me I had a 6cm pelvic Enchondroma. I have friends who work in oncology in a different country and they have informed me that it is very rare to be found in your pelvis. If this is found in your pelvis it is more likely to be a Chondrosarcoma as they both have a lot of the same symptoms. I’ve looked everywhere and on every website going and every single thing says that it is a Chondrosarcoma! 

My doctor told me on the 5th July that he will look into it because again he doesn’t know what he is dealing with. I called the doctors practice a few times this week and he has done nothing. He hasn’t referred it anywhere or looked at it. Don’t get me wrong I understand they are busy but surely something should have been done. I lost a family member to bone cance and I’m worried that I may have it as well. 

I should also have mentioned that I had an mri carried out in december and there was no sign of anything there then.  


I dont know what what to do! 


Hanks in advance for your help 

Enchondromas or Chondrosarcoma?

23 Jul 2019 16:23 in response to Jaylo123

Welcome to Cancer Chat Jaylo.

I'm sorry about what's happened and for the stress this is causing. If you have more than one doctor at your GP surgery you could try getting a second opinion to discuss your concerns and see if they are able to get the ball rolling on this but you're than welcome to discuss your options with our cancer nurses on 0808 800 4040 (Monday - Friday between 9a.m - 5p.m) as well.

I hope you hear from some of our members soon and wish you all the best with getting this sorted out.

Kind regards, 

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator

Enchondromas or Chondrosarcoma?

23 Jul 2019 21:30 in response to Moderator Steph


I appreciate your reply. My husband and I went to the doctors practice on Monday regarding another matter. Whilst there we asked how to put a complaint forward! 

As it turns out my little rant on Friday over the phone with a member of staff in the surgery worked wonders. She approached a different doctor who sent it as an urgent referral Friday. I got a call from orthopaedics yesterday and I’m booked  in to see a specialist two weeks today. 


Again, I’m grateful to you for getting back to me, since you are all busy doing a great job with people who are going through extremely difficult times. 

Thanks again