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Emotions after lumpectomy

18 Feb 2017 13:17

Lastnight i burst into tears & could not stop sobbing. I felt like that after I'd seen the consultant for my pathology results. I had chills & a high temperature, soreness around womb & sore breast. I just felt sick of feeling ill & fed up of everything. Am thinking the emotions have built up & have released now. Has anyone else reacted this way? I did this period between boopsy & getting results as well. What a sense of loss of control. Feel sorry for those around me.

Emotions after lumpectomy

19 Feb 2017 14:55 in response to Jbains

HI there,

I'm beginning to find that's my new normal. The first week I found out I had cancer, I would randomly burst into tears with no warning. Every time I think I have a grip on the thing it will hit me again. What's difficult is that I can be going about my business, seemingly ok, and then fall apart again.

I think  the worry about the cancer is like a computer programme that runs in the background but that you don't notice while you use other programmes and then at times it simply puts up a notification or pop-up window that interrupts the other programs. Sorry, I'm not a computer person really, but that is how I have come to think if it. Just be kind to yourself and let it out!

Take care and all the best wishes to you!