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Efudix, Actnic Keratosis and Biopsy

22 Jan 2022 13:29


Hi all,

I'm New to this page and just searching for some help and advice please as I know very little abouts Cancer and I feel abit lost.

I visited my doctor last summer as I have around 7 "red spots" on my face which have been there for quite a few years (probably around 6 years).

It's taken quite some time to get me through the NHS system but on Tuesday 18th January this week, I finally had an appointment to see a dertmatologist in hospital who has said the red spots are sun damaged Actninic Keratosis and I have been given Efudix cream to use for 28 days applying once a day.


I also have 1 small area on the back of my neck that the doctor says could be a Basal Cell Carcinoma - he informed I will wait another 6 weeks times for this and should get another appointment for a biopsy on this, and then a recommendation for treatment.


At the time I was totally upset and after checking the internet saw all the negatives photos of efudix appearance etc and I was thinking worse case scenarios about cancer.


Im now on day 5 of using the Efudix cream on my face, it's not too bad at the moment although the red spots / lesions do appear redder which I believe is a good thing as the cream must be working. I'm also prepared for my whole face turn very red and painful if it takes hold strongly.


Now that I have time to get my head around things I have a few questions I would like to know if anyone can help please.


Q - I’m happy to continue using the Efudix cream as prescribed on my face lesions, however if I wish to speed things up, can I look to search private company’s to address this potential BCC on my neck - and if I do will it be addressed much faster than the NHS timeframe of 6 weeks for the biopsy they have booked on my potential BCC


Q - What is an approximate cost for a private inspection and treatment on 1 potential BCC (approx 4cm long)


Q - Is it even worth going private for a potential BCC that is already booked in for around 6 weeks time or should I just hold out for the NHS hospital visit.


Q - I also have 1 other small pink blister like bubble, doesn’t hurt but it's on my shoulder that I would like them to look at which has never been discussed previously.

If I did go private could this be checked out under 1 treatment with the 1 on my neck or would this be additional financial costs.


Sorry for so many questions just had a really difficult week as nobody in my family has had Cancer before and I don’t know many friends that have either.

Efudix, Actnic Keratosis and Biopsy

24 Jan 2022 15:04 in response to Nick1981

Hi Nick1981,

Welcome to Cancer Chat. If you go down the private route, it is possible you could end up being seen sooner - but you will still need a referral from your GP. It's also worth noting that if anything further is required (e.g. further tests or appointments), you may still need to be referred back to the NHS (or potentially pay for further). It is also often the same people who work in private healthcare as well as in NHS care.

I appreciate six weeks may feel like a long time, but the important thing is that you have seen your GP and that they have given you some reassurance about the spots on your face, and some guidelines / next steps regarding the other issue.

Ultimately it is up to you whether you choose to go private or not. Unfortunately I'm not sure what sort of costs you would be looking at.

I hope that the wait doesn't feel too long and that you can get the answers you need soon.

Wishing you all the best,

Cancer Chat Moderator