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Early breast cancer - feelings

9 Feb 2022 18:46

I was diagnosed with early breast cancer last month and I'm having surgery next week. I know I'm very lucky it's early stage. I feel like I dont deserve to be upset about it when I see what others have to go through. I feel like there is nothing wrong and actually feeling very calm. It's such a strange feeling and I just want my surgery over with. Is it normal to feel so calm about being diagnosed? 

Early breast cancer - feelings

10 Feb 2022 20:59 in response to Twinmum81


I was diagnosed last April and was quite blasé when told. I had it nothing I could change so just accepted it and wanted to get treatment started and done.

 I had surgery then chemo and radiotherapy I finished at xmas. Some days were easier than others. 

For some people it doesn't sink in until you start treatment.

Louise xx

Early breast cancer - feelings

11 Feb 2022 17:39 in response to Twinmum81

I don't think I ever felt calm when I was first diagnosed, in fact I felt I was carrying around the grim reaper on my shoulder. I knew, however I had done everything possible about my breast lump and there was nothing more I could do except wait for my mastectomy. After the op I felt optimistic and had faith in the surgeon when she said she had removed the lump with a margin of tissue around it and it was at this point I took everything in my stride and haven't looked back. I think everyone must feel differently and your feeling calm is your way of coping with it. Best of wishes to you.