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Due to start Chemotherapy

20 Jul 2019 14:39

Hi peeps, I'm due to start chemo on Thursday, but have my chat and being shown round on Monday. 

I have breast cancer, curable, my nodes were clear, but still cells in the breast, margins weren't clear.

Hopefully this will get the buggers, then more surgery, have been advised I may wake up with removal of breast already done. 

Then radiotherapy. 

Sorry I've rambled on. 

So I'm trying to think of relavant questions to ask my chemo nurses but my mind has went blank. 

Still positive only way to be, if you have got this far ta x


I've rambled sorry 

Due to start Chemotherapy

20 Jul 2019 14:49 in response to Annemcc

Hi anniemcc I'm afraid most people first time on forum ramble a lot welcome to the club nobody wants to join, there's plenty of lassies on here in all different stages of treatment, hopefully some will come to you soon, or you can have a look yourself,. Best wishes.


Due to start Chemotherapy

22 Jul 2019 22:39 in response to Annemcc

Hi there

Sounds  just like my journey I've had 2 sessions of chemo so far and managing to carry on with life as normal  still working full time, golf at weekends, bit wobbly few days after treatment then ok again.  Keep that positive attitude that will get you through. Good luck on thursday

Due to start Chemotherapy

23 Jul 2019 09:09 in response to watson49

Hiya. Thanks, only way to be is positive, genuinely believe it helps xx

Sounds like your the same good luck on the rest of your journey x

Due to start Chemotherapy

23 Jul 2019 11:12 in response to Annemcc

Just wanted to bob in and wish you all the best for Thursday, don't forget your mints if you having fec chemo....have you got a hand held fan ( going to be a hot day) ginger biscuits? 

Chemo day is rather underwhelming. I sat there imagining all kinds of things would happen to didn't! Lol ( that came later in the safety of my bed) 

thinking of got this xxx

Due to start Chemotherapy

23 Jul 2019 11:16 in response to Marlyn

Hiya ty, 

Yeah it's fec, thanks for the advise I have a list now, this is a great place to come for help again ty xx

Due to start Chemotherapy

23 Jul 2019 12:50 in response to Annemcc

Hi Anne,

I hope everything goes well.

The only advice I can add is to take something to read with you as it can be incredibly boring.

In my own case I’d been through a helter-skelter of diagnostic tests, scans, consultations and sleepless nights only to find the chemo itself a massive anti-climax involving a lot of sitting around waiting first for my turn in the chemo chair and then for the infusion to finish. After the first session I made sure I had my kindle with me because there was no mobile or wifi signal!

Best wishes