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DR & bloods pre chemo

25 Aug 2019 10:24


Got my first chemo Thurs and on Tues am having blood tests, which I get - what is the DR part?  Looked on google (as one does) and the first thing to pop up was a movie "Dr Bloods Coffin", whilst it sounds fun am not sure its what the nurse who completed my appointment booklet meant...

Prize available for first responder....

DR & bloods pre chemo

26 Aug 2019 17:46 in response to Yorkshire_defector1

It's one of the following

- disaster recovery (vvv likely)

- dose recommendation (could be)

- dragon realms (think they're post 1st chemo session aren't they?)


Guess I'll be able to tell y'all tomorrow.

DR & bloods pre chemo

27 Aug 2019 07:57 in response to Yorkshire_defector1

Hi yorkshiredefector

Could it be “doctor”??.

Maybe you are seeing the doctor before getting your bloods done??

That would seem the most obvious explanation to me, having been there, done that.xx


DR & bloods pre chemo

27 Aug 2019 08:00 in response to Minska

Thanks Minska Well we'll see later, friends and family have helpfully suggested drink red (yes!), do resuscitate (always useful), Doncaster races (I'm from near there) so will be very disappointed if its just doctor.

DR & bloods pre chemo

27 Aug 2019 08:07 in response to Yorkshire_defector1

Ooh...I’m close to Doncaster too...I see my consultant there.

Have to say I like drink red better than doctor personally! I’ve read your your sense of humour, and your attitude which is similar to mine so perhaps that’s why. That attitude will help you through, I absolutely believe it has a huge part to play in how we deal with this. Look forward to hearing if DR has a more exciting explanation than I thought! xx

DR & bloods pre chemo

27 Aug 2019 17:09 in response to Minska

Ah dear, it was indeed, very disappointingly, doctor.

I did have to tell the surly receptionist who seemed quite astounded that I wasn't on the ball medial acronym wise that doctor abbreviation is actually Dr not DR.  I now think she may be slipping arsenic in the EC on Thursday...

Wish I was in sunny Yorkshire today as its far too blummin' hot down here.  I used to live in Monk Fryston, now in Epsom - where abouts are you?


DR & bloods pre chemo

27 Aug 2019 20:12 in response to Yorkshire_defector1

What’s my prize??

Don't make an enemy of receptionists-they believe they have a status slightly beneath a supreme being..but I would have enjoyed witnessing that little nugget! 

I’m south of Doncaster, just over the border into Notts in the delightful town of Retford where it was officially boiling today. I’m Scottish and unused to these temperatures. 

Hope the chemo goes smoothly on Thursday...I had a different type, different cancer. Take snacks! I had a massive rucksack every time filled with everything I might conceivably need if the hospital went into lockdown and I was trapped in there for several days. At least I had clean knickers! xx


DR & bloods pre chemo

28 Aug 2019 08:51 in response to Minska

Bloody hell forgot all about that lie, I do however have a pristine collection of signed cancer pamphlets that I'm calling "collectibles", failing that I have a very impressive bandage that was used to tape up my breasts following an MRI guided biopsy - choice is yours!!

Snacks! Really, does having chemo make you peckish?  Am not normally a snacking kinda gal, don't get me wrong I am a glutton but just not between meals.  On advice bought some sherbet lemons, am trying not to buy too much of 'just in case stuff" and have thoughtfully left the buying of any products to stop/make me poop to the boyfriend (he's gonna regret saying he'd do ANYTHING to support me....).

I did check whether pampers would be required if you couldn't move to go to the toilet during treatment as I drink a lot, no.1 fear in life dehydration closely followed by housework. As I have already tonnes of **** to lug to the blummin' hospital (have been reassured re nappies) will assume the underwear situation will be fine (fingers crossed).

You can't be far from a pal of mine in Ranskill, never been to Retford so no views I'm afraid...would you suggest it for a weekend trip?

Where are you at in your treatment/post treatment stuff then?  Dead nosey me...

Sam X

DR & bloods pre chemo

28 Aug 2019 12:05 in response to Yorkshire_defector1

Haha! I’ll forego my prize due to a large pre existing collection of cancer literature-most of which has remained unread. I tended just to get on with it without thinking too far ahead or indeed deeply.

just a few miles from Ranskill here-used to put my puss in a lovely cattery there. Lovely part of the country in this bit of Notts-can recommend for a weekend, and I’ll stand you a large red if you venture up this way.

My chemo was a long at 9am, chemo till 4pm, then radiotherapy, and usually home in time for Coronation Street...,I had to go to Sheffield, so a 70 mile round trip,and I needed the snacks, although a nice lady came round with a lunch trolley with sandwiches and soup. 

They’ll give you stuff to make you poop and stop you pooping for free, so don’t buy anything. You can get an exemption card for free prescriptions for 5 years which has so far been the only perk for having this disease.

You can go to the loo during need to unplug the machinery, wheel your IV stand to the loo and perform a one handed manoeuvre to pull your bits down and measure, yes actually measure, your output in a pee bowl. I stopped the measuring nonsense after the first time and guessed my output to record on my form. I have a small bladder, apparently, so it doesn’t hold much...I was recording 250mls while the guy 2 chairs away was regularly producing 750mls. I didn’t think that was possible but it was certainly impressive. 

I had to have a full bladder as I had pelvic radiotherapy and so the knickers were necessary...however the other ladies were also in the same predicament of unfortunate accidents so it wasn’t too bad. I did hear of ladies having more serious accidents of the pooping variety in shops and on the school run so my weak bladder seemed preferable. 

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer last September, on the day I was due to fly to Bali for 2 weeks. **** timing. I had chemo and radiotherapy and finished on Christmas Eve, also **** timing. Had a follow up scan and was finally declared no evidence of disease at the beginning of April this year. On 3 monthly check ups and so far all is good, so I’m booked again to go to Bali on 18 September to make up for last year and do everything we planned on exactly the same date, just one year late! xx

DR & bloods pre chemo

30 Aug 2019 17:08 in response to Minska

Crikey you certainly made a day trip of that chemo/rads didn't you, on the plus side you did get home for Corrie, as I say every cloud has a silver lining its just that sometimes it can be a wee bit challenging to locate.
I'm lucky, one of the few benefits of living where I do down south, its only 20 mins to specialist cancer hospital that have been very good to date.

And talking of wee, by crikey, am curious as to how you were supposed to measure your pee during treatment.  I presume this is due to the type of cancer you have as no-one has mentioned this to me, think I'd be more like your 750mls pal. Like me my expelling of waste is very efficient ( and I'm always full of the solid waste - "****" that one if you can CR big brother!). I did however check yesterday the same would not be required of me, and also how people are supposed to do this, especially ladies! the ward staff were most amused.

Cheers for offer of a large red. As was planning a car trip around southern Italy that looks like may well have to forgo (will be 3 EC in by then), am contemplating (depending how things go over next weeks) a UK based car trip so may well take you up on that offer.  Obviously that day I'll be under the weather so can't drive so my chauffeur must and the only sustenance I'll be able to face is vin rouge!!  I have the start of a cunning plan.

The toilet based incidents that your chemo intake had sound delightful, that said I do have a small record of incidents (due to my own stupidity) myself so do have form.

Well I'm willing to admit that Bali somewhat trumps my UK driving trip, glad you are finally getting on it just a year late.  Is that mainly a beachy holiday?  Do you read?
On subject of beaches (well vvv loosely related) when discussing PICC vs port was driven towards port as was told I could swim with it on, this is a great outcome as I've never been able to swim so am looking forward to the lengths with my port (I'd put a smiley face here but as am a technological eejit please imagine one).

And chemo and day 1 all going smoothly so far, a few odd feelings but nowt to worry about, lets hope it continues (I know it will!).

Enough babbling.  Tata

Sam X

DR & bloods pre chemo

3 Sep 2019 09:06 in response to Yorkshire_defector1

Morning Sam

I have been to Otley to see friends and have just about recovered....Yorkshire folk are hardcore. My pal can drink pint after pint of lager and hardly ever needs to pee, and I’ve no idea how she does it. My measuring nonsense at chemo involved a bowl like a hospital sick bowl which had measuring lines on the side. Far too difficult to negotiate one handed without my specs hence abandoning it. I used to pick the bowl up, take it to the loo and then leave it on the side and lie, which worked just as well. They said they needed to make sure that what they were pumping into me was coming out the other end.

Ah, Bali. One of my favourite places in the world. We stay in a hotel right on the beach and just hire a driver when we want days out to’s very cheap. I am a reader...I have a particular interest in studying the holocaust so am regularly the only person on the sunbeds reading about gas chambers and nazi death squads. We went to Lanzarote in May and I mixed it up by reading about my other interest-serial killers and their psychology. I’m a cheery soul! I did laugh with your port story though!

We spend our weekends researching and booking holidays now after my “scare”.we currently have 5 booked including Bali and are doing all sorts from a ferry to Belgium from Hull to a fortnight in Sri Lanka so the pressure is on to stay well and reach our goal of a water villa in the Maldives with its own pool for my 60th in 3 years. I am hoping we have won the lottery by that point since I don’t work. It’s nice to dream. 

Hope you’re doing ok..I was almost always 100% positive during treatment and dark humour was also a help. I think my mindset definitely helped in all of that, and being called patty pissy pants by my partner definitely lightened the mood! I never sat and wailed why me. Not once. Just keep plodding on and getting it done. xx

DR & bloods pre chemo

3 Sep 2019 12:10 in response to Minska

Hi Minska

Sorry to but into your conversation, but I noticed you are from sunny Retford like me. I presume you are under a consultant at DRI. I am awaiting on my treatment plan post op, and expecting chemo. Am I correct in thinking you have to go to Sheffield then. 



DR & bloods pre chemo

3 Sep 2019 15:04 in response to carrots60

Hi carrots

Wow! Thank you for butting in..I have never encountered anyone from Retford on here before so that’s pretty exciting! My consultant is Sheffield based, but I see him in Doncaster. Yes, I had my chemo at Sheffield-the nurses there are so lovely.

Now I am wondering if I know you in real life, but I suppose it’s unlikely..xx

DR & bloods pre chemo

3 Sep 2019 16:00 in response to Minska

Hi Minska

Retford is small so we might know each other. My consultant is in Worksop, but based in Doncaster. I had my hysterectomy at DRI, 2 weeks ago. I was initially told I had early stage, contained womb cancer. When they did the surgery they found masses on my ovaries, so now I am terrified it has spread. I haven't heard anything back yet, so am in horrible limbo land.


DR & bloods pre chemo

3 Sep 2019 16:23 in response to carrots60

Hi carrots,

Oh, I m sorry to hear that. Waiting for next steps is very hard to deal with. I guess they will be waiting for you to heal properly from your op before you start your next stage of treatment. All the relevant specialists will discuss your case at their multi disciplinary team meeting to decide the best and most effective course of action, but the waiting is horrible. I couldn’t get in for an appointment at Worksop, which is why I ended up at Doncaster...once I was referred I didn’t want to wait for an appointment at the clinic in Worksop, even though it’s closer. I said I would go anywhere within reason! 

Hope it’s not too long before you hear what’s happening. xx