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Discoloration (bruise type) of the cervix

21 Nov 2019 06:56

Hi Ladies. How are u all? New to this so pleased to meet u. I went for my Smear yesterday & the nurse saw what was like the colour of a bruise on it. She has referred me to have a Coloposcy. Has anyone had this or been referred straight away without getting any results back? Many Thanks in advance xxx

Discoloration (bruise type) of the cervix

21 Nov 2019 08:55 in response to Tootz

Hi Tootz and welcome. 

It’s very common to be referred for a colposcopy straight away if they see something puzzling- think of it as a positive thing that it’s being investigated quickly. 

I hope it’s nothing for you to worry about, but please let us know how you get on. Hopefully you won’t have long to wait for the colposcopy, and best wishes for good results. xx

Discoloration (bruise type) of the cervix

21 Nov 2019 10:27 in response to Tootz


I have posted about the exact same issue on another thread and one of the nurses pointed me towards your post. Do you know when your referral is yet?

I had a smear about 3/4 weeks ago now and I bled a lot (5 days after too) and the nurse said I had an ectropion. Then the GP rang me to say she couldn't give me a gynae referral as the nurse hadn't noted anything about an ectropion, so I had to go back in. Then the GP says there's no ectropion, but there's a weird bruise looking thing on the underside of my cervix. Is that what they said to you too?

My appt is on Saturday, so I'll let you know how it goes... I am actually more worried that they're just going to say 'sorry can't see anything' (like they did with the ectropion) and it'll never get sorted (I'll always fear smears a bit now because of the amount of blood there was, and I sometimes bleed after sex, have groin pains and don't have periods so something's a bit weird lol!)

Anyway I have this issue but my smear was clear of HPV and I'm very cancer low risk, so you might be too, don't worry too much about it!!

Any chance the bruise could have been caused during sex?


** also an edit: I was referred to colposcopy the same day after smear results came back, but that was coincidence, they'd have referred me anyway, so don't worry that they think something's majorly wrong because of that - they do colposcopies for abnormal smears, but also if there's something odd they've noticed on the cervix and they're extra cautious. x



Discoloration (bruise type) of the cervix

21 Nov 2019 13:42 in response to Droppet

Thanks Ladies for replying

No date yet as smear was yest and she referred me there and then, just waiting on a letter/date. Trying not to worry as not even had results back of smear yet but u do the usual and overthink

 Hope everything gets sorted for u Droppet and answer to the question abt sex...I wouldn't give my Husband a big head as to say it was his fault no seriously I dont think its caused by sex x keep me posted Droppet xx

Discoloration (bruise type) of the cervix

21 Nov 2019 14:24 in response to Tootz

Lol - mine's not either, definitely not, so I just asked to see whether we have similar thing going on. My colposcopy is Saturday so I'll be able to update you then. Take care x

Discoloration (bruise type) of the cervix

21 Nov 2019 14:36 in response to Droppet

Hi Droppet

Hope all goes well at your colposcopy and you get it all sorted out. xx

Discoloration (bruise type) of the cervix

21 Nov 2019 14:57 in response to Droppet

Good luck for sat lovely x