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DIEP Post Masectomy Radiotherapy (PMRT)

23 Jan 2022 12:10

Hi, Has anyone had or know anyone who has had radiotherapy post DIEP reconstruction please?  I'm looking for experiences of this as it is an unexpected turn in my treatment plan and I admit to being worried about how it may impact my reconstructed breast. 
Mickey xx❤️

DIEP Post Masectomy Radiotherapy (PMRT)

23 Jan 2022 18:22 in response to MickeyM

Hi Mickey,

I hope you're ok lovely? Just thought I'd say hello. 

Hopefully someone will be along to answer your question.

Take care 

Jane x




DIEP Post Masectomy Radiotherapy (PMRT)

23 Jan 2022 19:06 in response to JaneRu

Hi Jane, 

Great to hear from you. I'm a bit shocked to learn about the radiotherapy addition to my plan, but otherwise ok thanks. I'm healing very well from the surgery and just worried about impact of radiotherapy as per my post.  I'm not sure if they'll start me on hormone therapy before or after Rads - back to waiting again. 

How are you getting on post radiotherapy - did you have fast forward reduced sessions ?  How's the hormone treatment and life back at work and in general? 

Love b hugs Mickey xx❤️


DIEP Post Masectomy Radiotherapy (PMRT)

23 Jan 2022 19:39 in response to MickeyM

Hi Mickey,

I'm very well thank you, although my head is in a strange place since my treatment ended. Yes, I had the fast forward radiotherapy, all done in 5 days. It was fine, although my breast was quite sore for a good few weeks, almost back to normal now. There doesn't appear to be any change in shape of my boob or anything. I see the onco on Wednesday to discuss the hormone therapy. Being honest I'm not sold on it as I already have bad knees and feet. I don't want to take something that could make that worse. The onco also said it will make me gain weight which is scary as I already have weight to lose. So new year I completely changed my diet, I'm hoping losing weight will lessen the chances of recurrance without having to take the tablet. Anyway I'll see what onco says, but he wasn't averse to me at least losing the weight before starting any hormone therapy. 

I'm back at work but can't say I'm feeling the love. I'm now aware that whereas I'd taken my health for granted, I must never do that again and also that time is something we don't get back, so I'm thinking about my future. My husband and I are starting a small business so this could be where I am concentrating my efforts this time next year ☺️. 

How are you doing anyway? What's the thinking behind the radiotherapy? Belt and braces? 

Love Jane xx

DIEP Post Masectomy Radiotherapy (PMRT)

24 Jan 2022 07:49 in response to JaneRu

Morning Jane, I hope the day is kind to you. I've sent a request to you so look out for it and I'll respond then. Mickey xx❤️