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Diagnosis Confirmed Today…

26 Jan 2023 19:25

Hi everyone,

I posted a couple of weeks ago to ask if any of you lovely people had been diagnosed in their first appointment. I had my follow up today and they have confirmed that I have Invasive Lobular Carcinoma. I have got to have an MRI in 10 days and then surgery and then possibly chemo and radio, or could very well just be radio - depends if they find microscopic cells in my lymph nodes. I actually feel really positive now that I know what it is and what's happening next. That waiting part was torture. 
Thanks again for all your advice before, I think this forum is going to be an important part of my life now xxx

Diagnosis Confirmed Today…

27 Jan 2023 13:32 in response to KLF49

Hi, the waiting is not easy. I had a month to wait for confirmation as it all happened between Christmas & New Year. I start chemotherapy & radiotherapy on the 1st February 2023. 
How are you feeling today? X

Diagnosis Confirmed Today…

28 Jan 2023 07:16 in response to shalaway

Wow a month must have been awful I'm so sorry you had to deal with that. I feel much lighter now that I know what it is and what the plan is. How are you feeling? Have you had surgery already? X

Diagnosis Confirmed Today…

28 Jan 2023 10:18 in response to KLF49

Like you my head feels full and processing seems much easier now I have facts to work with.

Surgery for me is not viable at this time as the cancer is embedded into the muscle. To remove it would involve taking the muscle too which in turn would result in complete irreversible colostomy so the plan is to eradicate the cancer with radiation & chemotherapy to see if it can be killed off without the need for permanent alternative which will obviously be plan B. Fingers crossed

I am just tired all the time but not in pain. How are you feeling? X

Diagnosis Confirmed Today…

28 Jan 2023 10:46 in response to shalaway

I'm keeping everything crossed for you x I'm okay but I feel tired today I think it's just the affects of the last couple of weeks.  I'm also waking up around 4am or 5am every morning. I was on HRT but they took me straight off it - and thank god they did as the cancer is oestrogen positive - about three weeks ago so I'm probably feeling the affects of that as well x

Diagnosis Confirmed Today…

28 Jan 2023 11:25 in response to KLF49

Be kind to yourself.

Rest up and drink lots of water and healthy foods.

Always allow yourself time to relax your brain aswell as your body. Putting these measures in place is setting your own healthy boundaries in place so your body can adapt to change.

Take care x