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Diagnosed with Breast Cancer for a Second Time!

11 Oct 2018 06:21

Hi All

I was diagnosed with breast cancer for a second time and was told that it was another form of aggressive cancer but different from The previous breast cancer I had in the other breast which I had been told was an agressive cancer also. 

I was told at the time it was unusual for this to happen but when I asked about having a mastectomy my surgeon advised me to wait and see what they found when they did The surgery.   One of the reason the surgeon gave for not doing the mastectomy was I was too young!!!! 

After the surgery I was advised to go and have the genetic tests, which I did have and the genetic team advised me that my cancer would most likely return and that I should consider having a mastectomy to reduce the risk.

I went and saw a new breast surgeon who basically told me that I didn’t really have a choice and that I should consider having a double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery if I wanted to have it!

I have now had a mastectomy of one of my breasts and have commenced the reconstruction procedure, and will have the mastectomy and reconstruction surgery on the other breast in the near future.

I am finding the recovery time hard going and and wonder if this is normal?


Diagnosed with Breast Cancer for a Second Time!

11 Oct 2018 12:10 in response to Cydonia

Hi there ...

Your body has gone through trauma ... it does take time .. mine swelled and needed draining and looked horendious it's a faint line ... but it needs time to heal .. i had very little energy and listened to my body and rested when it told me to .. even now need 1 or 2 total relax days ..

A lovely lady on here @jolomine had a lumpectomy, followed a little later with double masectomy, and she's still here helping others quite a few years later ... I'm 15 months post masectomy ... I look at my scar and think it's a small price to pay for still being here to see my granddaughter Emily (in pic) 

So hold on there's lots of us breast lasses on here ... your deff not alone ... Chrissie x

Diagnosed with Breast Cancer for a Second Time!

12 Oct 2018 06:34 in response to Cydonia

Hello dear , I am so sorry to hear about it. May God help you and gives you courage to overcome. How many years after your cancer has returned? Did they do the staging before ? Sorry just asking as my mom had partial mastectomy, currently on radiation. Take care