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Diagnosed ductal breast cancer age 28

23 Jun 2022 00:53

I am 28 years old and been diagnosed today with ductal breast cancer after finding a lump (2cm) and calfiications showing up on my mammogram , I have been told I need to  get a mri on my breast and another bi opsy but this time on my calfiications instead of the lump. I start chemo in  3 weeks and go once every 3 weeks for 4 months. I am out myself with worry after reading lots of posts on this forum about most people just being taken in to get the lump removed or breast removed so concerned why I am being sent for chemotherapy first?

Has anybody experienced this? 

My doctor said she is hoping to shrink it as much as possible before the date for surgery but my mind is exploding worrying that what if it spreads and have I been given wrong advise. Should I push for surgery then chemo? 
I have a 18 month old baby girl so need to give this all I have. The Dr said its Early breast cancer grade 2 but I have no other family or friends who has been through this giving my age. I am really reaching out for any advise or help along this long road ahead to get me through. 

Any advise at all or to help me fight this is so much appreciated 

Diagnosed ductal breast cancer age 28

25 Jun 2022 22:33 in response to Mac2955

Hello Mac2955, 

I am sorry to hear you have been diagnosed with ductal breast cancer at such a young age and I can understand why you are feeling anxious at the moment. It's reassuring though that the doctor has said it is early breast cancer and sounds optimistic. There is information on our website on ductal carcinoma in situ which I hope will be useful to you. 

It sounds like it might be a good idea for you to discuss your concerns with your doctor and don't be scared to talk about your worries. Ask whether it would be better to have surgery first and don't hesitate to ask questions - I am sure they will explain to you in detail why they are considering offering chemotherapy first before surgery. There is also always the option of getting a second opinion if you would like to discuss your options with another doctor. 

Feel free to give our cancer nurses a call on this free number 0808 800 4040 - their line is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm if you would like to talk things through with them. 

I hope that you will also hear from others who have had a similar diagnosis before and that they will be along shortly to share their experience with you.

Best wishes, 

Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator

Diagnosed ductal breast cancer age 28

25 Jun 2022 22:53 in response to Mac2955

Hi Mac,

I'm so sorry too read this, I hope I can share my story and ease your worries if I can. Firstly I'm 38, I was diagnosed in October with Invasive Ductal Carcicoma, I have had a lumpectomy,Chemo and Radiotherapy, node Negative, oestrogen Fed, initially thought it was 16mm but was 20mm when they removed it. Her2- stage 1 grade 3

I had chemo first 6 rounds every 3 weeks FEC-t, it was hard but Do-able I used the cold cap.

I have two friends that I met on here both had chemo first and then Surgery they had chemo to reduce the size of the lump, it did its job and now they both have had surgery.

This part of your journey is the worst part, scans and results are really hard mentally to cope with especially when we have children.Ct and MRI scans are standard they need to get all the info so they can plan your treatment. I have just finished Radiotherapy' and now take a hormone tablet and injections to suppress my ovaries. Your not alone there are lots like us.

you will be ok, and your team will look after you. You have got this! Your going too be okay 

love sarah