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Diagnosed breast cancer but feeling OK - am I odd?

5 Oct 2019 09:39 in response to Varmint

I get the impression that it hasn't spread from what you tell me, you must be relieved, I know my boyfriend was in particular when I got the results back from CT which showed the same.
Hope all the other tests are going OK, am awaiting results of MRI to see what effect chemo has had (due Weds before next chemo).

A pal of mine is also in same boat re NY in Nov, got a full refund so am hoping you do too without too much hassle.  Hope you will be re-booking in the future.  My trip to Northumberland delayed to Nov (due to idiot friend!) but no problems just means I'll be able to avail myself of cooler weather (ideal for me as hate the heat of summer).

Had a great week here, feeling really good (in hospital this time following round 1 of chemo) so much so off for bike ride shortly...cue the rain!

Made some new pals at a MacMillan course this week, hopefully where you're going to get treated you will also have an active MacMillan office/person and will get details of the many courses/support available (got mine in a sort of welcome pack)...I've found them good and a great opportunity to meet others and share stories (good & other).

Good luck with results

Sam X

Diagnosed breast cancer but feeling OK - am I odd?

5 Oct 2019 09:42 in response to Praise

Am still feeling fine..the boyfriend thinks they're giving me tizer rather than which ever of the E or the C is the red stuff.  If it wasn't for your hamster regressing I'd think the same of you...cut backs in the NHS and all!

Good luck with the PICC line, my veins are totally misbehaving and are collapsing every time they see a nurse..very naughty.  Before I started chemo I had a chat with someone who had gone through PICC and PORT and decided the latter was better, despite a small operation to install...what appealed to me was no maintenance (am sooo lazy), less obvious than PICC and the fact that you could swim (am waiting for the magic moment when my body learns to do so as couldn't before I had a PORT!!).
Not sure how many more treatments you have left but may be worth considering?

Hope the 4th chemo and doc appointment went well, I've my 3rd next week, what drug is the weekly one you're switching to?  I do hope you're as lucky on the new one and can keep up your 2 nights a week.
I've been feeling like Wonder Woman this cycle (and although wasn't too bad post 1st chemo feel 100% better post 2nd) so let's hope that feeling remains.

Right my Saturday list of chores is not going to do itself so am off!  Glad to hear you're well.

Sam X

Diagnosed breast cancer but feeling OK - am I odd?

6 Oct 2019 08:08 in response to Yorkshire_defector1

Hi Sam

Good to hear you're doing well re treatment, I'm back in limbo land as they've decided I need a bronchoscopy to investigate a lymph node. CT had suggested no spread but pet scan picked something up so was sent for a brain MRI and now waiting again for more tests. Having more problems with hormones at the moment  due to also being menopausal, may invest in a punch bag to take it out on

In the not so sunny south for a few days, a change is as good as a rest they say..

Hope next round isn't too bad

Take care x

Diagnosed breast cancer but feeling OK - am I odd?

6 Oct 2019 20:15 in response to Varmint


You are in my mind, sending good vibes and prayer that all should go well.

I can imagine the feeling more especially in the night when all birds are sleeping and head up in bed, everything gather against ,all I can say,keep staying positive, be stubborn in positive expectation. 

All the best and God bless


Diagnosed breast cancer but feeling OK - am I odd?

6 Oct 2019 20:31 in response to Yorkshire_defector1

Hi Sam

Iam so glad you are doing well, that's we all need honestly. 

Iam too ,cant complain,  I made my head balding and today went to church with it but with good makeup and accessories was like fashion, honestly my skin is even glowing than before, iam laughing and say waw had it been cancer knew ,it wouldn't even start this battle in me.

Anyway it's bad news that your veins are also as bad as mine, am going for small OP tomorrow just for port fitting. I was supposed to have treatment on friday the 4th but had to shift for Tuesday, my veins more especially right hand all lines in dark colour are clearly visible that even my little one noticeds and ask why lines mum? I just answer becoz of hamster!

Am changing to single drug ,starting with pisces.. .. now am on 3 combined drugs. Am hoping this single drug gonna be kind with me not expecting for any bad changes but good.

Wish you well on next treatment, how many will you have? My weekly one will be 12weeks × 3 three weekly ones=15.i declare even before I finish it's all clear.

Have a good night  and messed week

Xxx Nel

Diagnosed breast cancer but feeling OK - am I odd?

7 Oct 2019 06:55 in response to Yorkshire_defector

Hi Yorkshire_defector.. I too feel the same way about my diagnoses.. maybe I'm strong or maybe I haven't come to terms with it .. 

I am 29, with stage 2 breast cancer as well as being her2 positive. There has been no history in my family of cancer at all - I am the first one going back quite far so it has hit my family quite hard - not me.. I'm just getting on with it. 

I started my first AC chemo on 4th, next one is on 21st.. 2 more after that and I am on Taxol for 12 weeks. Mastectomy, reconstruction and then 4 weeks of radiotherapy. Another treatement every 3 weeks for a year and then hormonal therapy for 5 years. 

im just taking it as it comes, the first chemo I was fine with .. wobbly legs towards the evening and slight fatigued on the weekend but I'm fine now.. I hope this is what I will have on going haha (high hopes!). 

Wishing you all the best on your journey xxxx 


Diagnosed breast cancer but feeling OK - am I odd?

7 Oct 2019 18:27 in response to Praise

Thank you Nel x

Diagnosed breast cancer but feeling OK - am I odd?

9 Oct 2019 17:54 in response to Varmint


Sorty to hear of your ongoing challenges, am sure you've had a brain scan before?  How long have you been having tests for now?  Am lucky that my tests only lasted for 1 month, doesn't sound like you're quite as lucky....which is poo!

And menopausal at the same time ARRGGHH! I would hope that those around you are understanding of your delicate disposition at the moment?? Am lucky that my blood tests confirmed that I am now post menopausal (though still only 50), so for me passed without any murders, GBH etc. Hope you also manage to avoid prison.  THough have to say the hot flushes that I get with the chemo are probably partly making up for lack of menopausal excitement!

Hope you had a fun time down here, wish I was travelling opp north - though do have my "Italian" holiday in Northumberland which is now in Nov, should have been next week to look forward to. Have agreed itinerary and accommodation with pal - there's some lovely boutique pub style places up there, was very pleasantly surprised.

Gor results of MRI this morning and the results are "excellent" so hurrah for that - bl00dy lumps shrunk a lot considering am oestrogen positive so must be doing something right.  So no 3 chemo tomorrow..yay.  Oh and had the first outing of the port today where bloods were taken, its sooo much easier than playing hunt the very elusive vein.

Hope you get some (good) news soon re progressing treatment.

Sam X


Diagnosed breast cancer but feeling OK - am I odd?

9 Oct 2019 18:06 in response to Praise


All still good here, been feeling really good, better than pre chemo even! Several bike rides since I last wrote, hills still a challenge but not had to succumb to getting off & walking so am happy with that.

So you too have gone for the very short hair look too, hope you're as happy with it as I am, I am using it as an opportunity to be even more beautiful (would that that were possible - which it is with the aid of make up!!). Also as previously had long hair am wearing the dangly earrings that no-one would have seen previously.  One downside is that I can no longer use my fringe to hide my wonky eyebrows (which are 1/2 the size they should be as over-plucked them as a teenager) so was rocking the Roger Moore Bond era look today unfortunately - no more bad hair days eh?  Just bad eyebrow days for me!

Your viens sound worse than mine, my port is now 2 weeks old and feels fine now, was still a little tender Monday but was good enough to use today and didn't hurt as much as repeated attempts with cannula, hope your op went as well as mine did.

Whats' the single drug you're switching to?  I do hope its as good to you as the one that you have been taking as you've done well throughout so far, like me.

Crikey you have weekly and 15 of them, I'm on 3rd of 4 of first drug, every 3 wks then move to 2nd drug and have 4 of them every 2 wks so should be all done for chemo by early Jan.

Best wishes X

Diagnosed breast cancer but feeling OK - am I odd?

9 Oct 2019 18:14 in response to JodieStarBright29

Ho Jodie and welcome (? Not that anyone wants to be here but all the same)

Spunds like your treatment is similar to mine, I'm on 4 x EC every 3 wks then switch to taxol but have mine 4 lots every 2 weeks, may chemo is also pre surgery etc but as have IBC will most likely have delayed reconstruction ( will be walking round in circles for a bit but what's new eh?).  AS am oestrogen positive will also be joining you on years of hormone tablets.

You come across as a practical, grounded lass and am sure, like me, you will approach this with a positive mental attitude, I do think it really helps not only you but others around you ( be that friends & family or others with cancer).

I hope, like me & Nel you have very few side effects, think that as we've both kept ourselves busy & healthy that has helped too.

Good luck X

Diagnosed breast cancer but feeling OK - am I odd?

9 Oct 2019 18:16 in response to Yorkshire_defector1


Please note that as I currently have a face pack on I do not have my reading specs on so if I've written a load of drivel ignore it, it made sense when my fingers typed and also ignore any spelling misatkes too.



Diagnosed breast cancer but feeling OK - am I odd?

9 Oct 2019 18:41 in response to Yorkshire_defector1

Hi Sam

That's fantastic news re the shrinking, must give you a boost knowing the suffering is worth it x good luck with no 3 x

No this was my first brain scan (waste of NHS money trying to find one ). Everything moved quickly in the beginning, from first visit to doctor, blood tests, x-rays, CT scan and biopsy was just 4 weeks, had the pet scan a week later which seemed to be where it went wrong! Had appointment with respiratory nurse who said they had to wait for pet images and booked the MRI, heard nothing so I called and was told I was referred to surgeon so thought that would be start of treatment, then came the " for a bronchoscopy bit " still haven't had appointment but should apparently hear this week. Don't quite know why they need to do more tests when it's been diagnosed and staged!

In the meantime the lower dose steroids mean all the symptoms are back so not sure if it's hormones, rheumatic symptoms caused by horice ( called the tumour horice after one gp referred to it as an opacity ) or I'm just generally in a grot bag - this mainly happens when I'm around idiots but I'll use any excuse....

Refuse to wallow unless it gets me something I want  

Take care x


Diagnosed breast cancer but feeling OK - am I odd?

9 Oct 2019 21:28 in response to Yorkshire_defector1

Hi Sam

Iam so glad with every news you wrote me today, firstly so glad healthwise you are doing well,back to bike cycling, waw whisper in the ear of cancer that "I am to win so so soonxyou burger, no more stress"


And secondly port is well, mine dear cant believe newly  fitted  on monday ready to use it the next day, tuesday,couldn't flash back, was even resistant  nurse tied to flash some drugs in and send me home to come back today, when  I went back today couldn't work so i used my hands again but not so bad so am going back on friday to detect where the line is trouble & get it done.

Yes iam enjoying balded head honestly but with the cold mmmm wont be suitable. Today I used wig and because of very empty head I had to use head band to hook in the combs for holding the wig,oh myyyyyy wind was strong so had to catch it 100metres away from me lol,.eft my balded again in middle of time,another thing to laugh at at later stage when battle is gone.

My eyebrows and lashes are still ok although not as thick as before but they still protecting  me.

On 30 th shifting to Paclitaxel which will be weekly for 22 weeks, by the grace of God plan is to complete end of January so hopefully heaven will have mercy in me.

Am sure your head,chest is full of drugs now like me,mmmm eyes watery, feels sleepy eith branded visitors (drugs)but in few days will be back to feet.

Have a lovely week Sam my friend,May The Lord really heal and perfect all that concerns you and everyone


Night night


Diagnosed breast cancer but feeling OK - am I odd?

11 Oct 2019 08:39 in response to Yorkshire_defector1

Thanks Yorkshire_defector!

Yes, I think I have been 'relatively' calm since my diagnoses.. I think for me, I sort of 'knew' that this was not a lump.. I was originally told it was an infection and I had to ask for a biopsy to be done.. it was that which gave them the answer of cancer. My family, friends and work have been very supportive.. which has been a major pick-up for me I think. 

When I was told.. I didn't even flinch.. since then everything has been one appointment to the next.. since having my first chemo I thought I was okay (ha),, four days later I was in so much pain on my back.. I realised then I had that 'sun burn' feeling.. next day it went all over my body and followed by indigestion for a couple of days.. I am on day 6 of my injections now and I am starting to feel better.. the one thing which is driving me insanse is waking up at night at 11 and 2 for the last week. Last night I was awake every hour which drove me NUTS! I was off work this week coicindently so at least I had the week to rest but now I am hoping my sleeping pattern is back to normal before Monday...

I hope you have been having a good week :):)



Diagnosed breast cancer but feeling OK - am I odd?

13 Oct 2019 10:24 in response to Praise

Morning Nel

Gorgeous photo - you look amazingly good!  And I thought I looked good with short hair, very nice indeed.  I always tell people that if I was even the slightest photogenic (think you've got all my share in that department) I would have been a supermodel & not a bl00dy accountant..oh that and a taller, smaller body...minor things.

Yeah, am loving the cycling, before I had a broken hip incident (cycling) 2 yrs ago I used to do up to 50 miles a weekend, am very slow & steady but love being out in woods & quiet roads - just can't stand cycling on busy roads with idiot car drivers.  Luckily where I am have lots of good options to get very muddy this time of year...yay!

Sorry to hear re port challenges, I don't know a lot about it but using it the next day after installation seems a bit soon!  Hope it gets sorted as mine is worth its weight in blue cheese ( more valuable than gold to me as I love it & can't eat it currently).

I know what you mean re cold head post shave, I suppose balding man have a period of time to adapt to the cooling impact on their bonce, I have some woolly hats for when its cooler and some chemo caps for day & night currently and they do a good job of warming when needed, and you don't need to chase down the street after them (keeps up exercise levels though I guess?).  Can't be bothered with wig though apparently my sister has found me a fetching turquoise one that I can too chase down the long as we don't lose our wigs on the same street we'll be safe!

I have the same re eyebrows and lashes but still enough to slather make up on and make myself even more lovely looking!!

That's a lot of paclitaxel!  I'm on accelerated paclitaxel which is maybe why I only get 4 lots every 2 weeks?  Who knows eh? On my current plan am due to have last chemo 2nd Jan so guess that's a happy new year-ish?

Still having a good time post no. 1 chemo (had 3rd on Thursday) and feeling very chipper, keeping busy and loving life (oddly) so thanks.  Hope you & daughter are well and having a lovely (if somewhat wet) weekend.

Sam X