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3 Oct 2022 15:14 in response to PositiveT


That's great news I got a call on Friday to say they were now contacting my consultant for information so I reckon it'll be 6 weeks before I hear anything else. Was it the 25% payment you will receive? 




3 Oct 2022 18:09 in response to marywj

Hi all 

I hipe you don't mind me asking 

sorry to jump on thread , do life cover pay out on a cancer diagnosis ? I'm lately post breast cancer sugery I'm to with legal and general ? 



3 Oct 2022 19:53 in response to gloria0312

Thanks Gloria. 

Yes it is the 25%.

I hope you get the same outcome xx


3 Oct 2022 23:44 in response to laraj

Hi laraj

My payout was specifically from a critical illness policy that I had taken out when I topped up my life assurance some time ago.  

Good luck with your claim 



3 Oct 2022 23:56 in response to PositiveT

Hi Positive T

Hope you're doing well.  This is interesting.  Did you have a critical illness policy attached to your life assurance?  I've got life assurance with Legal & General and another policy with AIG with an attached critical illness cover that I paid extra for.  I didn't contact L&G after my diagnosis and the payout I received was from the AIG policy.  You mention 25% payout.  What is that if you don't mind my asking.  Is that from a critical illness policy or just your life assurance?


Mary x


4 Oct 2022 00:24 in response to marywj

Hi Mary, 

Nice to hear from you. I'm doing well! Hope you are too.

So, I have a critical illness policy with Aviva which is in addition to my life insurance. My policy includes a percentage payout for certain diagnoses (one of which is "breast cancer in situ that required removal by surgery" - very specific I know but basically DCIS). So with a successful claim you get 25% of the full policy amount (or 25k whichever is lower) and it does not affect the policy so in theory if I was later diagnosed with another qualifying critical illness my policy remains in tact. So it was the critical illness policy that I claimed through not life insurance. 

Sounds similar to yours I think. 

Hope that makes sense! 

Lots of love xx



4 Oct 2022 07:17 in response to marywj


thank you so much for reply and help , I understand so just normal life cover don't pay anything it's the critical illness add on that do xx 


4 Oct 2022 08:45 in response to PositiveT

I see, thanks Positive T.  These policies are a bit of a minefield.  I got the full amount of cover on my diagnosis but that then cancelled the critical illness element of the policy.  So, if I get anything else I'm scuppered!!  It's good to know that you still have a level of cover and got a percentage.  Lots to think about when we're taking out these policies.  Glad you're doing well.

Love Mary xx


4 Oct 2022 08:51 in response to laraj

Hi laraj,

I strongly suspect that's the case unfortunately.  Life assurance only pays out on death.  Critical illness if you get 'critical'!!  It's useful to have the additional critical illness element attached to a life policy, the trouble is you pay more for it.  I started my critical illness policy at 50 and it was quite pricey.  Still glad I did it though!

That being said, I think it would definitely be worth phoning your insurance provider to double check.  These policies can be quite complex and they all seem to differ.

Lots of luck with it.

Mary x


4 Oct 2022 08:53 in response to marywj

Hi Mary,

That would have been the same for me if I had any invasive, but DCIS does not qualify for the full amount.

It is so confusing - I only came across that part of my policy by chance - so pleased I looked though it thoroughly!

Take care xx


4 Oct 2022 09:05 in response to PositiveT

Thank goodness you checked it.  After everything we've been through the money is very welcome.  As I had the small invasive they paid up!  I've since learned that it was 'tubular' and very unlikely to spread so I was pleased about that!  I paid for a second opinion privately and refreshingly the surgeon told me "this isn't going to kill you"!!  I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!

We all had a nice holiday when my money came through.  I also bought myself a piece of jewellery that I wouldn't have otherwise done!!  It was a present to myself for getting through it all! Save some, spend some was my thinking!  Hope you've done the same..  you deserve it!

M xx