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1 Jun 2019 08:44

diagnosed with high grade DCIS after a routine mammogram, had WLE in April with unclear margins , then further surgery in May to remove more of the breast tissue , as mine is high grade I will be having radiotherapy. I have mixed emotions about this. Was seen by the oncologist yesterday but feel scared about the radiotherapy . Just wanting to know other peoples experiences 

thank you 



1 Jun 2019 09:16 in response to Saville

Hi there,

I finished my 3 weeks of radiotherapy last Friday. The daily process took about 15 minutes in the treatment room, mainly being positioned correctly.The actual treatment was 2 x 40 seconds with the machine in different positions. As I was being treated on the left side, I had to hold my breath for each burst of treatment. This creates a bigger distance between the breast being treated and the heart underneath so that it doesn't receive radiation it doesn't need.

It didn't hurt but afterwards there were some sharp little pains and some soreness. I worked fairly normally for the first two and a half weeks. I got a minor skin reaction - my surgery wounds went red again and a small amount of skin broke under the breast which was quickly sorted out with intersite gel.

I started working again on Monday and woke up on Wednesday with a sore throat, head ache etc. I tootled down to the walk in centre to check that it wasn't an infection or anything related to the radiotherapy. I have been assured that it I should just a regular cold/flu virus which is a relief.  The nurse said that I am probably just worn out with the treatment and susceptible to anything going round so need to rest up so I have taken the last two days off work. 

My oncologist said that although there are some minor side effects to radiotherapy the benefits after WLE in my case (Invasive Lobular Cancer Grade 2) were very clear and I was happy to go ahead. It really wasn't too bad and I am glad I've done it. I am sure you will find it less daunting than you expect. Hopefully in a month or so you will be looking back saying the same thing. 

Good luck,