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Daughter of a cancer patient

25 Oct 2021 11:42

My dad is in his early 70s he was diagnosed with bladder cancer around 7 months ago. He's had 3 months of chemotherapy.  3 weeks ago he had a check up and it has now spread to his lungs. Weekend just gone he started immunotherapy.  He feels fine in himself but I'm worried as I don't know how bad my dad's cancer is. Is there a way I can find out as my dad seems to be laid back about the whole thing? Thank you

Daughter of a cancer patient

25 Oct 2021 23:16 in response to Lettyd

Same with my hubby. He is 79. He's been clear from prostate cancer for 5 years now but diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2019. It was only 1mm hence the consultant was keeping an eye on it with 3 monthly cystoscopie. 2 weeks ago we came back from Spain and he was in pain. Went to A&E and the doc said it was just a hernia. I asked them to do an xray which he doc first did not want to entertain but eventually she agreed. The cancer had spread to lungs and liver stage 4. Ask to go with him at the next appointment so you can ask the relevant questions which men often don't ask.