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27 Aug 2011 17:26 in response to hothead49

Hi Von,

I`m on gemcarbo(chemo)& zoledronate(for bones)I wish I could just get rid of the feeling of sickness, although I have tried stem ginger (it`s hot tasting & it works for a few hrs at a time but the sugar plays havoc with digestive system)

As regards your toe (ouch!!)play on it & get as much pampering done as you can stand or lay down for with your foot up.My part in a dance for life will have to be once Ive finished the chemo as I can`t be in contact with the people I work with,it`s been the worst weeks ever for me as I`m an outgoing type & have found the boredom really hard to take as all my family live away & all my friends are still at work,roll on 3 wks,when I`ve done with this first lot of chemo,I`ll not know where to go to as I`ve had to rely on my husband,son or daughter in law to take me out in the car it`ll be nice to be able to do those things for myself.               Take care

Love Kathryn xx


6 Sep 2011 03:31 in response to top-cake-maker

Hi Kathryn

Im sorry I havent been in touch, Ive been feeling a bit sorry for myself, the Abraxane was unbearable and still have neuropathy from it, thats how I broke my toe because the numbness hid the break from me, until it looked twice the size of the other. I am now on my second plaster caste which is removable for showering. I may be able to have it removed on the 14th if the x-ray is good. I started on Xeloda chemo (tablet form) last thurs and Im ok (TOUCHWOOD) so far. Im hoping that i can return to work soon if i cope with this stuff, as i am going stir crazy, Though i work with students I will have to protect myself from germs, I probably will deal with them over the phone rather than close contact to avoid viruses etc and colds. I was told to start my bucket list by the nurse the other week, it was hard to hear, I think im in denial at the moment and i cant accept that my life is out of my control.  I hope you are well hun and the chemo is not too unbearable for you.

Love Von xxx


9 Jan 2012 23:16 in response to hothead49

Hi Von,

I noticed you back on line tonight and had to pop on to say hi, Will be thinking of you on Friday for your op, and hope all goes well.........we'll all be dancing before you know it!!!

Love and best wishes Lynn x


12 Jan 2012 03:22 in response to top-cake-maker

Hi Kathryn

How are things with you.

Love Von xxxxx


12 Jan 2012 13:46 in response to hothead49

hi von

    fingers crossed for your op hope all goes well. i must say its really nice to see you on here again. plz keep in touch love claire xxx


13 Jan 2012 10:05 in response to hothead49

Hi Von,

I know you won't see this today, but just wanted you to know i'm wishing all the best for your op today and hope all goes well for you, Looking forward to catching up with you soon,

Take care

Best wishes Lynn x


13 Jan 2012 15:26 in response to hothead49

Hi Von,

I'm replying to this post but maybe should have clicked one further up, but the way I rabbit on you'll not be long in picking up that I'm covering about the last 100 posts.

Dancing - count me in, I have no sense of rhythm and start off really well but then just go off and do my own wee bop.  Don't stand next to me in a step class, I can't do arms, legs and breathing all at the same time - it's not bonny I can tell you.

Pat I'm surprised at you, that you worry about your dancing, I "feel" you will have a natural sway to you, just move your hips in time to the music. If truth be told I have a wee dog and and Ipod, put the 2 together and when I'm out walking her I'm always singing, and have been known to have a wee dance in the park when it's quiet to - go me, am i bovvered?  Not really.

I'm surprised at your friend at work, even if he is a bloke, mine couldn't have been more different, I've had cards, flowers, texts, emails etc from my boys - actually, just to show you the kind of humour we share, one bought me an ipod and loaded music on it for when I went in for surgery, I was a regular at the gym before and had another ipod and was always on the running machine singing away - I could clear the gym, anyway he loaded "inspirational" music on for me to listen to while i was off, first track "Girl you're amazing just the way you are", I was in tears, next was "you've got the music in you" - words are don't give up, you've got the music in you, don't give up you've a reason to live, ok so now I'm in floods of tears wondering what the hell are tehy doing, next song Mac the Knife - tears were still flowing but I was laughing my head off.  They got worse from there on in, I still have them all though, even the rubbish ones (Flower of Scotland).  Once he gets over the initial embarrassment he might be ok, a few of mine even offered to check out the "finished job" - I have declined their offer - pervs.

So if you organise a danceathon I might just pitch up with Pat in tow

Good luck

S x


6 Feb 2018 20:23 in response to hothead49

My favourite form is square dancing. There are lots of clubs in the UK and many will accept beginners (usually in September). Once you've done the basics to Mainstream level you can take part in square dance events anywhere in the world. It involves no running, skipping, jumping or slip-steps but you must be able to walk at a brisk pace. For more information, visit the national website,

If anyone would like to form a wheelchair square dance club, I'm willing to put together a syllabus but it'll need to have the timings worked out.