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Daft question of the day!, chemo question and flu vaccine pr

6 Oct 2020 16:05

Hi folks, 

husband = oesophageal T2, N0, M0. On 4 cycles of pre op FLOT, then chop (oesophagectomy)

seeing Oncologist in 2 weeks for review PET scan and review. I will be asking her the same, but save me from looking a complete naive idiot, then I thought i’d Fish on here first.

If FLOT destroys all the cancer cells, and nothing shows on review PET, then why is surgery necessary, there will be nothing there to chop out- as for regrowing, what if you PET  it say every year then blast & chop if needed.

i might be just over ‘optimistic’ and most likely chemo will just shrink the beast, but any info welcome

Also , I anyone having trouble getting the flu jab, don’t get me wrong the GP has plenty of it and will give it if you go to the surgery. Problem with husband is that he needs it at a point where his white cells are high enough to handle it, and because of low white cells at certain points he is pretty much ‘shielding.

District nurse (who comes every week for PICC) can’t do it as Gp needs to prescribe it, he won’t do that as he won’t get the cash!!!- they are not ‘commissioned ‘to do it.  GP says ‘ oh up to you , what timing you want it.

husband going mental as we/he should not have to make these decisions or phone around for advice.  He even rang the Oncologist, who said ‘day 12 please’ GP practice said that is a Sunday- not open sorry, and no flu clinic on the Monday, again tell them we are shielding, if you can’t come in ask the D/N- as i’ve Said- they are not ‘commisioned’ To do it for cancer patients!!!! Arrrrggg.... and on it goes. Frankly, he could do it himself, he’s been doing the filigrasin!!!!! How on earth do the elderly/frail cope with this

Any advice gratefully received.




Daft question of the day!, chemo question and flu vaccine pr

6 Oct 2020 20:21 in response to Hilts

Hello Hilts,

                 sadly the days of wielding a physical big stick to get some common sense are no longer an option, but a metaphorical one might work just as well.


A conversation with your local paper along the lines of suffering cancer patient left exposed due flu jab fiasco might elicit some column inches, a positive response might even be forthcoming before print if the paper approaches your surgery/health board for a comment.


Sad though to have to resort to such measures, but never underestimate the power of a well placed word,




Daft question of the day!, chemo question and flu vaccine pr

7 Oct 2020 13:17 in response to Hilts

Hi Hilts

Firstly I want to thank you for the lovely post you left me on my thread. It was so kind. 
Secondly the advice for cancer patients does vary, as you quite rightly point out in your husbands case. I think it's a disgrace that there's no provision for him to have this. 

My husband has been advised to have the flu jab by his oncologist but our drs haven't got their supply yet for our age group, despite the fact that we are both vulnerable and still shielding by choice. Apparently they're holding flu clinic outdoors under a gazebo. 
I just don't understand why on earth someone couldn't come out to the house to administer this? I guess it's the risk of transmission from one household to another 

Please take care 

love Kuiper

Daft question of the day!, chemo question and flu vaccine pr

7 Oct 2020 14:18 in response to Kuiper


The improtant stuff first - Your cat is sooo cute! What breed is s/he.  We have a cat, known to us as 'the bird botherer' (:.  She is a moggy, but has a large amount of norweigan forest in her, with a bit of tabby. During this whole thing, she has kept us laughing! with her antics and demands!

 Yes, the flu thing is absolutley diabolical- Husbands surgery has loads of it in, BUT as he isn't going to go down there , they are really 'squabbling' about who is the 'best placed' to give it!!!!. I couldn't care less who is or isn't best placed , just bloody do it!!!!. Put it in the post, shove it through the letter box, we'll give it !!- just do it........arrrrgggg. (:, a district nurse even comes out every week for the PICC line, so it is not about home visiting and covid.  We are quite on the case, but i really feel for people who are very unwell and vulnerable.  While the nhs is brilliant at doing wonders with 'serious' stuff like cancer, heart, etc.  The follow up, low level stuff and 'outside the box' stuff is just a joke!!

Daft question of the day!, chemo question and flu vaccine pr

7 Oct 2020 15:37 in response to Hilts

Hello Hilts

Both of you have enough on your plates without this extra worry about the 'flu jab.  Have you considered having a word with your local pharmacist about it?  I phoned my GP over 2 weeks ago about it and was told that they don't have it in yet and will phone me when it's in.  Not 5 minutes afterwards, my local pharmacist phoned to let me know that they have it in and I could have it anytime from that afternoon onwards!  I had it just over a week ago and am still waiting for my GPs' surgery to phone me about it.  I have more faith in my local pharmacist than most of the GPs in my local practice, so would you consider phoning your local pharmacist about it?  You've nothing to lose except one worry.  Good luck and let us know how you get on.


Daft question of the day!, chemo question and flu vaccine pr

7 Oct 2020 15:57 in response to Battling Babe

yES, the pharmacist is there,

BUT- my husband has decided to 'self sheild' because his white cells/ neutrophils are seriously low.

So, if he woudl go out to the surgery or anywhere else they woudl give it no problem.  The problem is with who will do it at home! Practice nurses don't home visit, District nurses do, but they don't get 'paid' for it and it is not their 'responsibility'! At this rate i'll ask the binmen or milkman, they have been far more use recently than the GP practice!!!!

Daft question of the day!, chemo question and flu vaccine pr

7 Oct 2020 17:28 in response to Hilts

Hello Hilts

Provided you're all masked up, wouldn't the pharmacist visit to do this for you?  Explain the situation to him/her and see what happens.  No harm in asking.


Daft question of the day!, chemo question and flu vaccine pr

7 Oct 2020 19:04 in response to Hilts

Contact your local Clinical Commissioning group and make a complaint about your situation.

They are the ones who commission services in your area.

It sounds like your GP is being a prat to be honest.

You've enough to worry about without this nonsense.


Best wishes