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Dad has stage 3A lung cancer and has decided chemo too hard

15 May 2019 19:17

Hi everybody,

Dad was diagnosed with T4 lung tumour and no spread, this equates to stage 3A at the beginning of March. Since March dad has had two cycles of chemo which were really hard on him so he has decided not to have the 3rd & 4th cycle. Dad's oncologist has referred him now for radiotherapy but thinks the tumour is still a little big for radio to be most effective.

Dad has lost a lot of his confidence and feels he can't do anything - when he's pushed he definitely still can walk around, shower, dress himself etc but if not pushed he feels he can do nothing - depression a very real issue too.

Dr had been positive had he been fit for chemo of a relatively good outcome as tumour had shrunk 10% over the 2 cycles he did have.

Has anybody experience of moving to radiotherapy and how effective was this after reduced chemo cycles? Also has addressing the depression helped changed anybody's opinion in terms of treatment?


Dad has stage 3A lung cancer and has decided chemo too hard

15 May 2019 23:18 in response to Jillsc

Hi.  My mum has had two occurrences of palliative radiotherapy.  The first was to her salivary glands before chemo (10 sessions) and then to her head (5 sessions) when it was discovered that the cancer had spread to her head and chemo was stopped to prioritise radiotherapy.  She has since restarted chemo.  On the first occasion there was a dramatic impact of the tumours on mums face.  She has not had a scan to see if there has been as greater impact on her brain tumours.

Yesterday mum was visited by one of the palliative care team from the local hospice and they are going to organise some counselling for her....someone will come to visit her in her home.  I think that this will be a positive for her.

I wish you the very best.

Dad has stage 3A lung cancer and has decided chemo too hard

16 May 2019 06:20 in response to Jillsc

Hi Jillsc, 

First of all, I am so sorry to hear about your dad. My dad was diagnosed with advanced prostate canacer in 2016, so I can imagine some fo the feelings you must be going through. 

I can't answer your question about the radiotherapy, but I think addressing your dad's depression would be a step in the right direction. Getting diagnosed with cancer would have a huge impact on anyone being diagnosed, and I think maybe your dad may benefit from talking to someone he can trust. I am sure if he is like my dad he may not feel entirely comfortable opening up to you about his feelings or the way his body feels, and it may benefit if he can speak to a psychologist or someone in that field. 

I think having the depression on top of the cancer may be so difficult, so maybe seeing if he is open to addressing his depression and getting some help may be the way to go. I know he wouldn't want to worry you or upset you, so he may put on a brave face to not worry you sometimes. Hopefully this has been of some help. 

Dad has stage 3A lung cancer and has decided chemo too hard

19 May 2019 00:25 in response to GiftThePresent

Thank you for the replies. Dad has admitted he is depressed and desperately wants to stop feeling so bad. 

Dadstarted anti-depressants on Thursday but they have wiped him out even more, however he’s going to stick at them and hopefully they’ll start to help him and then we can have a proper chat about continuing chemotherapy.

great to hear that your mum was able to go back to chemo afterradiotherapy, hopefully the same will happen for dad.

Best wishes to all x