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14 Aug 2012 09:31

Hi all, I'm Garf and I lost my Dad to lung cancer three months ago.

I absolutely worshipped my Dad and I can't shake this constant feeling of being a little boy again who is lost and homesick. I am sure it will get better in time but right now it is very difficult, especially with the prospect of scattering his ashes at sea in a few days.

I also lost my Grandmother to breast cancer, my Mum fortunately is recovering from breast cancer as is my step-mother (for the third time), my Aunty has bowel cancer and is undergoing treatment at the moment but it may only be a matter of time. My wife also had cervical cancer but has completely recovered and a man I worked seven years for and who became a good friend died of cancer eighteen months ago, so I guess we could say that cancer has affected my life quite a lot.

After Dad's operation to have his lung removed and the treatment he received afterwards I became a blood donor after discovering how much blood was used for his surgery and later transfusions. I am also setting up a direct debit to give money to Cancer Research but I still want to do more so I thought of Race for Life. I have to admit to being extremely dissapointed that I am not allowed to race because of my gender and I am trying not to pass judgement although that is difficult at the moment with my emotions being so high right now. I know other men say that they go to these events to support loved ones racing and they don't have a problem with it but I can't not feel like, because of my gender my loss is seen as inadequate in some way. Again that may just be the way I feel at the moment.

Sorry to bore people I will shut up now.

Re: Dad

14 Aug 2012 10:00 in response to GARF


Welcome to this great site. I am sorry to read about your dad and how cancer has affected so many of your family. I know what your going through as I have lost three close family member to cancer and both my father, who lives in Canada and I have also had prostate cancer. You have not bored me with your story, nor do I anyone else will be either. One this site people know what you are feeling and although they may never meet, just the mere act of talking to someone who understands what an emotional time you are going through seems to help enormously. Hope you feel better for telling us your story and that you get plenty of other people contacting you.

best wishes, regards Brian