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Cyst on ovary booked for surgery

20 Sep 2019 20:40

I am writing as I am currently feeling very worried and can not get any answers.

i had an MRI a week and a half ago following my consultant incidentally finding a cyst with a solid component during ultrasound. 

Today I received a letter saying I am booked in for surgery in 10 days time. It does not say what the surgery is for. I have not received any results from the MRI and do not have any appointment other than the pre operative appointment before the surgery.

I feel frightened and because it is the weekend now, there is no one available to speak to.

has anyone had an experience where they needed an operation after MRI? 


Thank you


Cyst on ovary booked for surgery

20 Sep 2019 21:08 in response to OllyOwl123

I had an ultrasound that found cysts with a solid component over a month ago, and I have since had an MRI this week - they said it would take 2 weeks for results of that to come through, but they go to the hospital and not me.   For nearly 2 months now I have a stack of letters several weeks apart and it is so difficult to understand what they are all for, because I have been passed between departments and I do not yet have a specialist to talk to and inform me of all the results.  I have to have a  pre-op next week, where they explain what they are going to do and take swabs and blood teste etc.  My surgery I found is iminor,  just be for a hysteroscopy to check what they find and do a biopsy and remove a polyp or so - not related to the cysts  but to some PMB i had that started the 2 week referral.  

I find myslef calling up the hospital and asking the departments reception to clarify the appointments  and usually get a very rational and calm answer  - but I get a bit of a downer Friday afternoon when everything shuts down!!!!   I have an appointment that I called up about today and they said it may go ahead but if all results were deemed Ok by MDT they may just write to me and tell me to come back in 3 months or discharge me instead - without ever discussing the results - I don't think I can manage that I'll go loopy.

Cyst on ovary booked for surgery

20 Sep 2019 21:22 in response to DaisyW

Thank you for your reply. Yes, typically it was a Friday afternoon when I received the letter so everything is shut down and now I will be going out of my mind with worry. I can’t believe they sent me a letter for an operation without any explanation.

Cyst on ovary booked for surgery

20 Sep 2019 21:46 in response to OllyOwl123

Did you have the ultrasound for a reason - although the letter I got didn't give details, just the department and date, I found my 'surgery' is more related to bleeding than the cysts,   Problem is by the time you get in the house it is too late to riing up!  How do you tell work you need to sit in and watch for post for 2-3 months?