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Ct scan with contrast

10 Mar 2019 03:01

I had a CT scan of my the end of January 2019.. On the back of that I received another appointment as they thought there was a small nodule in my chest . . I have not seen a doctor seen the specialist since start of January   No one will discuss this with me it will be 3 weeks on the 12th .. No letter no appointment nothing I'm in limbo obviously I googled what a nodule could be I feel alone 

Re: Ct scan with contrast

10 Mar 2019 09:30 in response to Angiewales

Hi there, 

I'm not surprised you're worried. I'm trying to think what to do. I recently found out that our GPs have direct access to our hospital notes so I would start by making an appointment with your GP. Tell him that you're beside yourself with worry and that you really need to know what's happening as its causing you extreme anxiety not knowing. It could be that nothing was found afterwards but you still need to know for sure for your own peace of mind. He will definitely be able to update you as he will have that information. I'd be worried too it's only natural so the sooner you get some clarity on this the better. I feel for you, waiting is often the worst part and I really hope you can sort this out ASAP. I would call the surgery first thing. Best wishes and let us know how you get on. Xxxxxxx

Re: Ct scan with contrast

10 Mar 2019 10:21 in response to MiGi

As my scans were carried out in Stoke on Trent my doctor has no visibility... Well that's, what they told me and I need wait for the hospital to get in contact. . I will call tomorrow and hope for the best .. I wanted to know if this was the norm that I got no consultation of any sort before or after 

Re: Ct scan with contrast

10 Mar 2019 11:08 in response to Angiewales

In fairness my dad has had appointments/consultations before and after any procedures it is a bit unusual unless they just didn't find anything. Maybe different surgeries have different rules because my dads doctor can see everything that's been going on just by clicking on dads records, that part of things has been ok for us. I would call the surgery and even call the department where you had the test done and explain that you're very very worried. It's not fair to leave you worrying you need to know bless you. 

Re: Ct scan with contrast

10 Mar 2019 16:22 in response to MiGi

Thank you.. Reason my doctor says they can't view as I'm in Cheshire . Was my doctor arranged my hospital appointments in different county .. I will call tomorrow I'm going to view it as no new is good news 

Re: Ct scan with contrast

10 Mar 2019 16:40 in response to Angiewales

Hi, I’ve just finished treatment for lymphoma in November and I’ve had quite a few ct scans with contrast. When I finished the treatment my report from the half way mark just arrived with my doctor before I finished my last treatment. She had told me she could read the scan quite well and it was good but she still copied out my report to put in my file. It may be your doctor hasn’t got the report yet. I also got the December results in January when I went for a follow up appointment. When I had problems with my breathing my respiratory doctor did a high resolution scan after he saw sum thing on my X-ray. It was a very small nodule and nothing to worry about. Fast forward two years and I was diagnosed with lymphoma and the ct showed up enlarged nodules at each side of my lungs, this scan told them the stage of lymphoma. If it had been small I may only have been on watch and wait but she compared it with the first scan and decided I needed treatment. It’s good they picked it up. If they were worried they would have contacted you. I hope you hear soon. X

Re: Ct scan with contrast

15 Mar 2019 01:17 in response to scones

Contacted the hospital for my results heading for 4 weeks since I had my CT scan . . No appointment no discussion..  Today I'm suffering from srabing pain in my right shoulder and chest  . Been woken up by the pain I have be been to see my GP she listened to my chest and said was clear.. She has given me antibiotics I'm not sure why think I was relieved that my lungs sounded clear.  She is now also writing to the consultant at the hospital for an update .. But its Friday now so be next week again .. I feel alone 

Re: Ct scan with contrast

15 Mar 2019 08:15 in response to Angiewales

I am so sorry, I really do know how you feel, it must a report back up problem, my consultant told me the wait at the hospital I go to is sometimes months before reports come in. But if they can read the scans they are sent to consultants long before report comes in as it was in my case. I guess every hospital is different. I also went to my GP recently to ask if results were in for a recent biopsy I had, but she said I will hear at same time as the hospital pings it over to them. After 3 weeks waiting I called my haematologist and she told me it came back suspicious and has ordered further testing on it. This is now 5 weeks but she sent me a letter to see her on 27th and also got a call on Wednesday to go for a gastroscopy this Saturday as she wanted it done quickly, now I’m a bit confused, she is obviously ruling out other things but my mind is in overdrive again. I know my consultant only works three days at hospital I attend but it would be nice to get a call and keep me up to date. They don’t realise the torture they put us through with all the waiting. I hope your GP finds out one way or the other for you. Take care x

Re: Ct scan with contrast

18 Mar 2019 10:32 in response to scones

I finally got my results over the phone . I have 2 inflammatory nodules in my chest... And been told not to worry  .. As not looking to be cancer I'm going back in 3 months for a check up thank you for been there for me in these dark moments ..

Re: Ct scan with contrast

18 Mar 2019 11:55 in response to Angiewales

Hi, I’m so very pleased for you, I bet u were elated hearing that. And the fact they have it on record now, they will watch out for you. Great news, enjoy your life now. Take care x