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Could it be ovarian cancer

17 Sep 2019 23:09

Hi all

I am 33 and really worried, I had cervical cancer 1a2 about 9 years ago and I have been cancer free sinceWink .           5 years ago while trying to go through the ivf process.....I was told I had an 11mm cyst but not worry about it.

I have been told its now a 40mm dermoid cyst and i have endometriosis too. I was diagnosed with this through a vaginal ultrasound as I was having pains in my hips and groin, I mentioned that my periods were infrequent and painful so I was referred to a gyno doctor. 

I am now putting all my symptoms together....I have  dull aches and frequent sharp pains in my ovaries that can bring me to tears. Bloating, indigestion daily for about 5 months , pain when passing (number 2) and I feel like urinate more than I used too? 

I have been referred to hospital for further treatment (29th oct 19) I got this apt on the 14th aug... I am also going back to my gp for help with pain relief next week ( I have had to wait 4 weeks for this appt) 

I am scared as I know my body doesn't feel right, I am frustrated, as I started this process on 5th June 19 and I still have 6 weeks to wait before I am any closer to knowing exactly what is wrong? And considering that I have a medical history it will have been a 5 month wait before I am any closer to knowing what an outcome will be!!!  and I am down as the pain is now affecting my daily life.

Has anyone else had any other symptoms with dermoid ovarian cysts and endometriosis?

Many thanks ladies 

Could it be ovarian cancer

20 Sep 2019 10:59 in response to Giggyhig

Hello Giggyhig,

First off congratulations on being cancer free for 5 years and I'm sorry you've had these symptoms. It seems you're still in the middle of tests to diagnose your symptoms, so there isn't much more you can do until those results come through, but saying that I understand that the length of the wait would make you frustrated. There are some tips here which I hope will help take your mind off things in between tests.

All the best to you,

Moderator Anastasia