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coping with news of cancer

13 Sep 2019 22:48

Hi all, I found out today that my father 65 years has secondary cancer in his hip area after being diagnosed with colon cancer a few weeks ago.  I have been googling the situation and it appears that secondary bone cancer is incurable. I thought that he would have an operation to remove the cancer from his colon and hopefully that would be the end of it. Now I'm faced with seeing my father unable to walk, wheel chair bound and what appears to be suffering with incurable cancer. Seeing my father like this hurts and the thought that his quality of life will gradually diminish and how long he has left is a guess. I don't know how to process all this and it seems unreal and a bad dream. 

coping with news of cancer

14 Sep 2019 03:58 in response to HURDLING

My dad is terminal too. Im so confused and lost my dad is my world. He was a single dad to me and what a great job he did.. Its always been just us two. I want to take his pain away an ease the fear in his eyes. I want to go to the otherside with him. My feelings and thoughts are killing me inside when im alone.. My dad is my dad, my bro, my uncle, my best mate hes everyone to me