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Re: coping with loss

8 Mar 2018 15:45 in response to Chriss

i know me too, she would be elated to know i kept her chair and its in my sons room. he was facinated by it at her house so i couldnt not do it....deffinatley baby steps. My brother has know gone back home to landsend and i miss him and his wife terrible already. But we have plans in force to go see them very soon and take my son to the beach. i will keep trying. .

Thank you Chrissie x

Re: coping with loss

9 Mar 2018 19:31 in response to LillyStar

Hi.  Me again.  I have found another national charity called The Loss Foundation which does bereavement counselling.  I attach a link to their website; it is specifically for people bereaved by cancer.

Keep up the baby steps!  Annie

Re: coping with loss

9 Mar 2018 21:13 in response to Annieliz

Bless you Annie. I will take a look.

Re: coping with loss

14 Mar 2018 13:37 in response to Annieliz

hi annie, i have been trying to call curse since monday currently on hold as we speak..i am at the end of my tether. have had the morning from hell with my son. i just want my mum

Re: coping with loss

14 Mar 2018 13:44 in response to LillyStar

I am so sorry; I have not heard from Cruse at all despite my email asking them what is happening.  Did you try The Loss Foundation.  I am not going to give up until you are getting some help.  Annie

Re: coping with loss

14 Mar 2018 14:20 in response to Annieliz

after nearlly an hour i got through, we chatted for a bit. Some advice already doing. then gave me another number for face to face counsellor - but looked and they are no where near me.

Re: coping with loss

14 Mar 2018 14:31 in response to LillyStar

I am going to send  you a friend request.  This is only so you can tell me the general area where you live - away from this public correspondence - and I will look at the MacMillan website to see if I can find anything closer to you.  You just have to accept the friend request - if you want to, of course!