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Coping with death

14 Jul 2019 21:29

How can l cope with me wife’s death

Coping with death

14 Jul 2019 21:45 in response to lifeiscrual

 Hello there, I’m so sorry to hear of your wife’s death. There are so many people on this forum from all walks of life coping with so many different types of cancer at various stages.  If you give us a little more information about your situation no doubt somebody will be along who has walked your path before you and will be able to advise and support you. 

That said, I truly empathise with the loss of your wife. I  don’t know how long ago she died but for me, the only way I coped in the first couple of months was to concentrate on getting from one hour to the next.  I tried very hard not to think too far ahead because, even now nearly 8 months on, the future is a very scary place. 

 Try to Take good care of yourself 

 Courage, always courage 


Coping with death

14 Jul 2019 22:11 in response to lifeiscrual

Hello so  sorry your going through this the dispairs terrible i lost my lady just over a year ago and its been hell on earth. But it does get easier if that helps at all .do you want to tell us a bit about whats happend or does it hurt to much talking realy helps we seem to need to tell people of our loss but i think we all do . We are all going through pain on here so at least we understand .paul ps ime your age to