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Constant cough and irritated throat

9 Dec 2020 17:58

I've been coughing non stop since September, the doctor told me to take an inhaler which is okay but doesn't help most of the time. The cough started honestly out of thin air and so I was off school for 2 weeks. Now it's December and it's going bad again and well the cough is always there and my throat is always irritated or full of mucus. It's not allergies but it's annoying the hell out of me 

Constant cough and irritated throat

11 Dec 2020 13:48 in response to Imsosleepy

Hello Imsosleepy

I'm sorry to hear that you're dealing with an ongoing health concern. Do get back in touch with your GP to let them know that things haven't improved and that you're anxious about what may be causing this. 

I hope that things improve soon. 

Best wishes, 
Cancer Chat moderator