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10 Sep 2019 10:49

Dad orginally had Bowel ca, and after treatment and surgery was given the all clear in June 2018. Unfortunatetly by December 2017, he was advised it had metastis to the Liver. He had two small tumours on his Liver.

He was then advised by his Bowel Surgeon that he would bve referred straight to hospital to have surgery first and then chemotherapy.

It took 2 months to be seen! The Liver Surgeon asked my dad if he had started his chemo yet.....? No! The consulant seemed almost annoyed about this, and suggested Dad should already have been recieving treatment. As the plan was Chemo first, Surgery and then Chemo.

It took another month to start treatment! 

Once dad completed his Chemo and had his scans, unfortunately it had progressed. The tumours had grown, and something had shown in his Pelvis on his scan. Although they said they didnt knonw whether it was another tumour or an infection. Still we do not know what this is! The liver consutant apologised to dad and told him he is now no longer a candidate for Surgery, unless the chemotherapy gets it under control.

So back to the oncologist we go, he advises Dad that he is very limited as to what he can offer Dad now, as nothing has worked so far, so he will be treated as Palliative. 

We went back to Liver consultant to ask for a reconsideration of surgery, to which they were adamant they were unable to do it, as it would be far too risky and they could kill him, or make it worse. 

After some digging around, I stumble across the 'Biomarker Test'. This tests what gene the cancer has, and dependent on the gene which type of treatment would be most effective. There are TWO genes, in the event that you have one of the two, 2 types of therapy are known not to be effective for it, and 1 therapy even making it WORSE. (Which my dad has had) But my dad has never had this Biomarker test. Why? I dont understand why this isnt offered to everyone, surely this is a 50/50 chance and shouldnt be left to chance. They are playing with peoples lives here! So now, after asking around my dad has had this test perfomed. 

Since my Dad completed his Chemo before meeting with the consultants, it has now been 2 months. NO TREATMENT. 

Today, my Dad recieved a phone call from the hospital, and they have told my Dad after a meeting yesterday they have now decided they want to do the Surgery ASAP. 

I'm so confused! What does this mean now? Will he now not be treated as Palliative? Could he be cured? Why have they changed their mind? Will it be safe? 

Has anyone had a similar situation where they have been told no to surgery, then they have changed their mind?! Nothing has changed as far as we are aware? 


12 Sep 2019 09:04 in response to SLB90

Hi SLB90,

Welcome to Cancer Chat. I'm sorry to read about everything you and your dad have been through recently - this sounds really tough and understandably frustrating and worrying. These things are hard enough already without all the extra uncertainty and confusion.

I'm unsure about the answers to your questions regarding the surgery - these can only really be answered by your dad's medical team, so do make sure you discuss everything so that you're fully informed about what's going on.

Do let us know how you get on, if you would like to of course. And otherwise hopefully others will be along here soon to share any similar experiences or offer support.

Wishing you all the best,

Cancer Chat Moderator