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Chronic Sore Throat

7 Sep 2021 19:50 in response to CRUK Nurse Naomi

Hi, I've been having similar symptoms to everyone on this post and was wondering if anyone ever found a treatment that worked for them? Had a consistent sore throat for almost 4 months now...I've been to the GP twice and an ENT specialist once and none of them have found anything of concern but I just have a gut feeling that they're missing something as I'm only 23 and should'nt be having a sore throat for 4+ months!

I have a private ENT appointment next week and have booked a dentist appointment soon to get my fillings replaced like someone recommended on here (thank you!) but I just feel so down in the dumps all the time and can't enjoy my day not knowing what is causing my sore throat!

If anyone has any advice or recommendations, please post on here, I'm desperate at this point Sad

Chronic Sore Throat

8 Sep 2021 11:01 in response to help765

Hello and thanks for your post,

 I am sorry to hear about your persistent sore throat and I can only imagine how horrible this must be for you.

You do sound like you have left no stone unturned by your visit to the GP and referral to an ENT doctor. 

We can't provide you with a diagnosis but hopefully a fresh pair of eyes with a different ENT doctor may be able to throw some light on the situation. I can understand that it is easy to think the worst but you are young and an age where cancer is unlikely to be the cause of your sore throat. 

From what I have read in some cases it can be difficult to identify the cause which I can understand must be frustrating to hear. It is good to hear that you are going to the dentist to have your teeth checked out.

You may want to look at whether certain foods don't agree with you or you have an allergy to a certain food or even in the atmosphere around you such as pollution has an affect. I am not sure whether you sleep well at night and whether you snore as this may have an affect on your throat. Trying to keep well hydrated, avoiding caffeinated drinks and alcohol may also be a good idea.

There is some information written by ENT UK about sore throats which you can see here.

The NHS have written some information about sore throats and tips to relieve it which you can also see here

I do hope that your symptoms get better soon.

Good luck with it all.

All the Best,


Chronic Sore Throat

8 Sep 2021 11:56 in response to CRUK Nurse Catherine

Thank you very much for your reply, I'll just have to wait and see what the ENT Dr says next week. The wait is worse than the not knowing what's causing it Sad

Chronic Sore Throat

18 Oct 2021 09:22 in response to help765

Hi! I'm a similar age and I think we're in the same boat - although I'm coming up to 8 months of a mild sore throat now. Would love to hear if you got it sorted out!

Chronic Sore Throat

22 Oct 2021 22:18 in response to Jamontoast123

Hi, unfortunately it hasn't been sorted out. My sore throat is still pretty much the same, I've done multiple endoscopies, blood test, stool test etc. I've been to a private ENT specialist aswell and he said it's probably reflux related but I know it isn't as I watch what I eat religiously and don't get reflux that often anymore. I've tried pretty much everything so I'm stumped. I have another ENT appointment through the NHS in a few weeks so have to just wait and see for now. I believe I have chronic pharyngitis but I don't know what the cause is so can't do anything to treat it.

Chronic Sore Throat

4 Nov 2021 18:06 in response to help765

I also have this sore throat problem had it since i caught a non covid cold virus.   I thought it was usual throat infection connected to a viral infection but its been 5 weeks now. It flares up particularly if i have salt i thought salt was suppose to heal but no it just re inflames it everytime. On my osophegus i can see a ulcer that hurts all the time ive been living of soft or liquid food for 3 weeks and lost nearly a stone in weight which is ok as long as it doesnt continue for too long. Ive also been getting tummy ache more often after eating.     Since i was 14 ive had geographic tongue on fb there is a group for it i thought i was the only strange person with the condition until i found the gt group. Not sure whats related but vinegar and citrus burn my tongue bad. Its depressing i get anxious planning meals and mostly cook myself foods at home.

Seeing doctor monday along last fingers crossed.

Chronic Sore Throat

3 Dec 2021 04:04 in response to Kimmieb

I have had the dreaded sore throat for years now and just read through all the posts on here.

I seem to wake up with a severe sore throat most nights and  either spray with anti flam.

I went private to ent guy, told him and after looking can't see nothing, also I said I have a blocked nasal one side and he agreed and was very quick to book me in for a diverted septum operation two week's later, he also done the camera down the throat and bloods with no results.

had the operation two weeks later which has not even worked and the sore throat is still there it wakes me up at about 2-3am most nights, I wake up and it's right at the back of my throat, I look in the mirror with a torch and it goes look a little red and small tiny bumps around the area?, went back to the specialist and he done another camera with no explanation apart from I may need another nose job as it's likely a Bone, done all the nasal sprays and no better, I'm really scared it's "cancer " I'm 56 stopped smoking 11 years ago, I'm physically very fit and the only thing I can think is  I drink a large hot coffeee every morning?

I do feel the mild soreness through the day but it gets way worse during sleep, I'm a bit of a biohacker and do all the sauna red light and pemf therpies, I feel really well apart from the sore throat and some  tinnitus in the ears which after reading symptoms is also making me worrisome, it's just the thought of finding out it's cancer after "three years" of having sore throat and not done much about it, also having three amazing children  and a grandchild reallly pains me that it could be a bad outcome, my auntie has tongue cancer and I saw what she had to go through before she passed away about 30 years ago?

I had moved to a new home 3 1/2 years ago so initially thought that was a possibility, but it's not.

ive expressed to my wife and I'm going to get a second opinion as I think the first surgeon was not looking at my problem as much but possibly more  his pocket, I hope I'm wrong but that's what I had a gut feeling it was? 
I hooe your all doing well and should I find it is the worst I will post back here.

was interesting that the guy with the fillings had them out which cured his throat? I have amalgams

I have followed ty who done the truth about cancer and how we can try to help cancer through strict diets and using lots of modern/ ancient approaches before nuking ones body with chemotherapy ?

god bless you all !!


Chronic Sore Throat

8 Dec 2021 17:35 in response to Countrylad

Hi. Sorry to bother you. Did you get a end too the sore throat? Ive had a dry irritant throat for 2months now its not so much sore just annoying. Ive rang the doctors numerous times but now they have referred me to a specialist. I have no other signs of cold symptoms but it did start off with a cold. Thanks