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Chronic Sore Throat

10 Feb 2019 21:51

Hi All, 

Just after a bit of advice, I've had a sore throat (especially when swallowing) for nearly 4 months now. Been to the docs numerous times, had 2 complete full blood tests (for all sorts), ultra sound of the throat/glands and also seen an ENT specialist who put a camera down my throat. All of which came back fine... But still the pain is there. Good old aniexty is 0telling me it still must be something serious although with all the tests which have been done i should be confident there isn't.

So question is, has any one had a viral infection which wouldn't shift/go away. Or could the anxiety just be causing this all along? 

Many thanks all in advance

Chronic Sore Throat

10 Feb 2019 22:59 in response to Countrylad

Hi countrylad,

Well first off all its seems you have had a pretty much good MOT on yourself with all the tests and the fact that they have all come back fine is a good sign.
So from that I would take it the medical staff are happy that there is nothing sinister going on and no further investigations are being done.

That said if you are still suffering then suggest you may want to see GP again and discuss options re medication to try and clear. I am not medically qualified, nor is anyone here, to diagnose but i am aware that viral infections can linger for a while, especially when untreated,

Would advise you to stay off google as so much mis information and can set mind racing and I would also concurr that anxiety can be playing a part as you will worry about symptoms you feel until clear.

At the end of the day its right you should get to the bottom of and get some medication if you are still in pain, but re iterate your series of tests have all come back good,

Just my observations and hope you get to bottom of this with your GP.

Please feel free to come back and post/chat or ask any further questions


Chronic Sore Throat

11 Feb 2019 08:05 in response to Countrylad

Hi Countrylad. Welcome to the forum.

I'm in a similar position. For the last year or so, I've had a chronic sore throat, particularly on awakening.  (Right now, as I type this at 7:50 am, it's pretty bad)

In November 2017 I saw my GP, who suggested a protocol to fix possible acid reflux. No improvement so went back mid December 2017. My GP immediately referred me to ENT, who gave me a superb service: camera up the nose, neck/throat MRI, "panendoscopy" under general anaesthetic.  All clear!  No conclusions, other that a suggestion I should lose some weight!  Well, I was just into the obese BMI so I cut back on calories and lost two stone, but no change to the sore throat.

It's probably worth mentioning that mid summer 2017 (prior to my sore throat), my GP diagnosed me with "mild" fibromyalgia, and many such patients do report chronic sore throats. I now assume that my throat may possibly be a manifestation of that disease.

FWIW I find the best relief is to occasionally suck on a Vocalzone pastille, recommended for singers.