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Choosing radiotherapy or monitoring grade 2 meningioma

16 Jul 2019 21:02


My wife had a grade 2 meningioma removed in May. Grade 2 is considered particularly rare, only 150 cases in the UK a year and as such she has been given the choice of whether to have radiotherapy or just monitor incase or reoccurring as currently its not known which is the best course of treatment. 

She is at her wits end making this decision. If she does have it there is an increase risk of dementia later on but if she doesn't it could come back and need surgery again.

As it's rare we have been unable to speak to anyone who has actually had to choose. Most tumours the medical professionals decides for you.

If there is anyone on here that she can speak to who has made this decision and why then it would be amazing and we would be extremely grateful.


Thanks, Matt. 

Choosing radiotherapy or monitoring grade 2 meningioma

18 Jul 2019 02:04 in response to Shoe2190


Hi Matt,

Welcome to the forum,

I am sorry to hear about your wife's diagnosis. There are a number of posts on this forum about meningioma, which you both might find useful before reaching a decision on the best way forward. If you go to the blue banner at the top of this page, click the search box, insert meningioma and click. This should bring up previous posts on this topic.

Whatever decision you reach, I hope that it is the best one for your wife.

Please keep in touch and let us know what you both decide. We are always here for the two of you.

Kind regards,