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25 Aug 2019 17:29

I would love to know how you got on Lilah and if they have now a plan of treatment put together for you. 

I have just had second course of chemo and must admit it has floored me!! Worse then the first. Trying desperately to drink the water that they say you need but it makes me feel sick. Plus the lack of energy, spent most of the last two days in bed which is not me at all.  Hopefully things will get better day by day. All hugs to everyone going through this


27 Aug 2019 10:13 in response to Kerry64

Hi Kerry, 

I can see you made a post in response to @Lila29 ‍ so I'm just going to tag her in this discussion so she can see what you were asking.

Hopefully you'll hear back from her soon but in the meantime I just wanted to wish you all the best with your chemo and hope the side effects you're experiencing from your second course start to improve soon.

Kind regards, 

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator


27 Aug 2019 11:48 in response to Kerry64


Things have been a bit manic everything seems to be rushing ahead. Been for a heart scan today and hopefully should start chemo on Thursday but this isn’t confirmed yet. I’m having 6 cycles of rchop and then 2 or 3 cycles of something else which require being admitted to hospital. Not ideal when you’ve got a 4 month old baby at home.

im sorry to hear the chemo is hitting you hard. My stepmom summed things up perfectly yesterday. No matter what anyway says to you, it’s you that got to go through it and it can’t be easy. Although at least we aren’t alone and have loveley supportive people on here to chat too. Xx


27 Aug 2019 12:18 in response to Lila29

Hi Lila 

My heart goes out to you dealing with this and a baby as well. I had to standby and watch my daughter have a mastectomy, reconstruction then the chemo etc., which filled me with dread but she’s back at work, has a totally different outlook on life. We were always close but both having cancer has given us an incredible bond. She is now nagging me! Stay strong Lila and I’m hugging you from afar