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Cervical Screening - results delay?

12 May 2019 08:04

Hi all

I had a smear test on 8th March and was told that my results will be back most likely in a couple of weeks but no later then a month. It’s been 2 months now and I still haven’t heard anything.

I will call my surgery tomorrow but wanted to know if anyone else was experiencing delays at the moment. I’m in the North East. I really hope mine haven’t got lost because it was a really unpleasant experience and I’d rather change doctors then visit this particular nurse again.


Cervical Screening - results delay?

14 May 2019 15:00 in response to NEEmma

Hi NEEmma,

The length of the wait for results can vary, so I hope your clinic was able to give you more information.

Best wishes,

Moderator Anastasia

Cervical Screening - results delay?

14 May 2019 18:46 in response to NEEmma

Hello I’m in Hertfordshire and mine came back in 9 weeks . I know there is a delay in my area but the smears from here are tested in Addenbrooks in Cambridgeshire. I think there was a restructuring there well that’s what I was told .  It for sure you will get your results . X x. I found the nurse in my GP practice knew what was going on so maybe ask the nurse for information at yours x x xGinny 

Cervical Screening - results delay?

14 May 2019 18:51 in response to Ginpo

also next time you could always ask the doctor to do it . It doesn’t have to be the nurse x 

Cervical Screening - results delay?

24 Jun 2019 23:13 in response to NEEmma

I have been waiting 9 and half weeks so far Sad every time I ring doctors they just keep saying there’s a delay and hopefully will be with me the following week. It’s so annoying and completely worrying especially being my first ever smear (which I’ve had a year late because of being worried about it).

Cervical Screening - results delay?

24 Jun 2019 23:38 in response to kerrianne

I was told 8 weeks with mine, they came back after about 6 though but I had negative results, not sure if that made a difference. 

Cervical Screening - results delay?

24 Jun 2019 23:40 in response to Kate1990

Thank you, hopefully will all be okay. I’m sure I would of heard before now if something was wrong 

Cervical Screening - results delay?

8 Aug 2019 15:40 in response to NEEmma



I had mine done on 3rd June and it is now 8th August. I've just phoned my surgery and they have said their is up to a 3 month delay in the area of West Sussex. 

Cervical Screening - results delay?

14 Aug 2019 17:53 in response to abiii


I had test on 14th May - I had to be referred as originally the nurse couldn't take the sample and I'm still waiting for results, just called the Dr's again and apparently there is a 15 week delay on getting the results - when I called a month ago I was only told it was 8-12 weeks, I'm based in Hertfordshire, anyone else been waiting this long?


Update - I got my results this week, thankfully all clear but it took nearly 3 months to get them which I think is crazy, good luck to all those still waiting

Cervical Screening - results delay?

14 Aug 2019 22:46 in response to kaatie

I had my test on the 13th June and I’m still waiting (West Midlands) I was originally told by the nurse taking sample 5 week wait. Phoned up GP and no result. Told me to phone back mid September and see then.

All good and well campaigning for these crucial tests, but if they cannot sustain the amount of people going then something needs to be looked at.

Cervical Screening - results delay?

16 Aug 2019 20:41 in response to kaatie


I am also from Hertfordshire and had my smear test on 16th May still have not received any results as yet 

Cervical Screening - results delay?

17 Aug 2019 08:18 in response to NEEmma

I had my smear in June  and still not heard anything  from about my results, doctor says there is about a 3 month delay but gave no reason why. Am from Huddersfield so I think the delay probably is throughout the country

Cervical Screening - results delay?

18 Aug 2019 21:51 in response to kaatie

I had mine the 3rd July and I’m still waiting, I’m in Buckinghamshire 

Cervical Screening - results delay?

27 Aug 2019 13:00 in response to abiii

Im in East Sussex, had my smear in June now 11 weeks and still not heard anything! Its rubbish that they make u wait so long! 

Cervical Screening - results delay?

27 Aug 2019 16:34 in response to NEEmma

I had my smear done in June.

It took 5 weeks to come back.

The results were perfectly fine.