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Cervical polyp removal - what can I expect?

4 Mar 2021 20:38

I have been told that I have a cervical polyp and an ectropion and been referred to gynecology. The appointment came within 2 weeks and is scheduled for 4 weeks time. They have not given any information on what to expect with the procedure, if I can drive after, recovery time it's just all about covid guidelines. What's your experience with it? I also thought that wait times were up to 18 weeks so not sure whether to be worried or not that I've got one in 6 weeks from the referral 

Cervical polyp removal - what can I expect?

6 Mar 2021 13:20 in response to Hannah1989

Hello Hannah1989

I've had a look online to see if there was some information that I could signpost you to and I found this page and this page which are both patient information leaflets from NHS Trusts that may give you some general guidance on what to expect. 

If you have any further specific queries or questions then do get in touch with the hospital who should be able to give you some advice before your appointment. 

Best wishes, 
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