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Cervical cancer

3 Dec 2019 01:56

Im panicking about this process and would apreciate anything that will help me know what will be next im just in the background, thankyou 

Cervical cancer

3 Dec 2019 10:30 in response to Katie865

Hi Katie

Could you give us a little bit more information if you can please? Perhaps let us know what if any tests you’ve had and if you’ve been referred to a gynaecologist. I have cervical cancer and may be able to offer you some help or advice but without knowing anything about your situation, that’s a little difficult. Hope to hear from you again. xx

Cervical cancer

5 Dec 2019 02:00 in response to Katie865

Hi Katie,

I am a cervical cancer survivor(7 years now).  Have you been diagnosed?  I had stage 2A and had chemo and radiation. Is there some detail you would like to know about? I can try to answer, based on my experiences.

Laura xx