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Cervical cancer

19 Oct 2021 09:27

Hi new to the group just looking for some answers.. recently been diagnosed with cervical cancer in August. I'm awaiting Treatment. I wasn't given the option for an operation. As its gone to my tissues the paraemtrum. IL be having 25 sessions of radiotherapy along with chemotherapy and the internal radiotherapy. I've just turned 30 years old with a 12 year old and 2 year old. Just looking for some information on how people coped with the chemo drug cistlpan. Thank you 


Cervical cancer

19 Oct 2021 12:46 in response to Tashyl

Hi Tashyl

I’ve been through this treatment. The chemo drug Cisplatin is given in a low dose to boost the effect of radiation and it won’t make you lose your hair. Personally I didn’t have any side effects from it and found the radiotherapy much tougher to deal with. It’s a long day when you get a Cisplatin-the infusion is done over several hours. Some people do have some side effects, but the nurses will give you anti sickness meds and you just need to tell them if you feel unwell in any way. I found it to be the easiest part of treatment, and I hope it goes well for you too. 

Cervical cancer

19 Oct 2021 17:35 in response to Tashyl

Hi Tashyl,

I am 4 weeks post treatment. 25 radiotherapy 4 chemo ( should have been 5 but 5th session cancelled due to low platelets) and 3 brachytherapy. Treatments today are excellent.

I found the treatment relatively easy a bit of heartburn and some tiredness at the end.

I am feeling fine now and hope to return to work in a couple of weeks. 

I was staged 2b as my tumour had just began to touch the parametrium.

If you have any questions give me a shout.

Take care x 

Cervical cancer

19 Oct 2021 17:49 in response to Minska

Thank you for that information. I have my pre assessment for chemotherapy on Thursday fingers crossed treatment will start soon