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Cervical cancer

2 Jul 2017 18:07

I really could use some advice, I'm feeling so very alone and don't know where to turn. 

Cervical cancer

2 Jul 2017 22:38 in response to gozneyeje

Welcome to the forum gozneyeje.

I'm sorry to hear you're feeling this way but I'm glad you've joined as you are not alone. Many members here who have been diagnosed with cervical cancer will know what you're going through right now so if you're able to tell us a bit more about yourself and your situation our members will then be able to offer their support and advice.

Kind regards, 

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator

Cervical cancer

3 Jul 2017 03:07 in response to gozneyeje


I am a cervical cancer survivor, feel free to ask me any questions you might have. You are not alone!



Cervical cancer

3 Jul 2017 09:12 in response to LauraP
To hear you have survived is already a comfort to me. I have heard so many bad things about it. I have not yet been diagnosed but the symptoms I have are impossible to ignore because there is little others explanation of them. I was wondering if you had any symptoms that looking no back, were tell-tale signs. Thank you in advance.

Cervical cancer

3 Jul 2017 09:16 in response to Moderator Steph

I am 28 and recently went to the GP with heavy, long-recurring discharge. My smear test was about six months overdue so I had that around the same time. I have tested positive for the HPV virus with low-grade dyskaryosis. Because I ignored the discharge for quite some time, I feel that something is badly wrong. I am booked in for a coloscopy and I am worried that I will be in the advanced stages as I left it so long. Any advice you can give would be appreciated. Far from wanting reassurance, I would just like it made clear to me so that when the inevitable does happen, I am in not in so much of a shock. 

Cervical cancer

5 Jul 2017 03:19 in response to gozneyeje


The point at which I knew something was wrong was when I had a bloody, smelly discharge.  Before that, I had symptoms of bleeding between periods, missing periods altogether and  a constant cramping pain. I became easily fatigued. I was very constipated and lost weight very quickly.  One other thing is that I always felt that pressure like I had to urinate but when I tried, nothing came out (at times).

 In my case, I hadn't been to have a pelvic/pap test in over 15 years (so stupid of me).  I was a heavy smoker (even more stupid of me). So, I am not sure how long the cancer had been growing I was at stage 2A when diagnosed.   I also had been diagnosed with the high risk  HPV. So, I had chemo and radiation and it's been 4 and a half years.  Let me know how your appointment goes and try not to worry too much.




Cervical cancer

20 Jul 2017 17:34 in response to gozneyeje
Hi there, I'm going through something similar. I went to my gp about reoccurring thrush, she examined me and couldn't see my cervix due to thrush so I had 2 week course if fluconazole. 2 weeks later thrush cleared but constant heavy discharge still there, GP said cervix looked inflamed and bumpy. Urgent referral for colposcopy. In mean time go for the smear I had booked if it's sooner than later appointment. I had my smear today which is 11 yrs from my last. The smear was painful and I have had some bleeding and pelvic pain since (never happened last time) my other symptoms have been no periods for 4 months at a time. My gynecologist hospital appointment is in September but my GP wants it brought forward. I'm a single working mum of 4 and I can't help but feel nervous.

Cervical cancer

20 Jul 2017 21:49 in response to gozneyeje


welcome to the site, lots of lovely people on here 

I have cervical cancer stage 2b, just started my treatment, so far so good. 


What took me me to the doctors was after I went to the bathroom, I wiped myself and there was blood in my discharge when there should have been, I had a internal examination and was told I had a ulcer on my cervix, then I had a ct scan and MRI scan and was diagnosed with cervical cancer. 

If you have any questions then feel to ask away, your not alone


Cervical cancer

14 Jun 2019 11:50 in response to LauraP

Hi I no this a old thread 

but iv been unwell for months now 

started with pink spotting in between my cycles also loads of light brown cervical mucus middle of cycles 

then od nausea started comes whenever it wants Sad go hot and feel faint 

go dizzy every now and again 

so tired 

od pains in hips and lower back just started few days ago , 

Im worried iv been doctors loads had bloods urine tests hormone levels all come back fine 

so I started thinking about cervical cancer 

as I haven’t had a cervical test for 7 years :( 


Iv booked in for a smear but got to wait two weeks Sad and I need one now so worried 

don’t no if I’m going mad but just don’t feel well :( 

Cervical cancer

14 Jun 2019 12:19 in response to cat1988

Gosh I totally feel more you because sometimes the agonising wait to have tests done and then wait for results is worse than knowing exactly what you're dealing with. Cervical cancer wouldn't necessarily explain you feeling unwell and experiencing the sort of symptoms you're describing but a smear test is so important in knowing for sure. Usually cervical cancer takes between 10 and 15 years to develop so it's likely you're in earlier stages if at all because you haven't had a smear in seven years. Catching it earlier obviously makes it more treatable. Is there any way you can get an earlier appointment or even going private for one as two weeks is such a long time when your mind is in overdrive like this. I wish you all the luck and if you ever need to talk, I can lend an ear. Xxx

Cervical cancer

15 Jun 2019 01:16 in response to cat1988

Hi Cat,

I am sorry you are not feeling well but  taking steps to find out what is wrong is the right thing to do. I hadn't had a smear test in 15 years and I was a heavy smoker when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Mine was 2A so it was treatable/curable. Once you know what is going on and can rule things out you can work on feeling better. It is amazing how worrying can make you feel so drained! Lots of us ladies have been in the same boat, we understand!  Good luck and keep us posted on your progress. 

Laura xx

Cervical cancer

25 Oct 2019 20:42 in response to LauraP

Hi there , 

Firstly may I say how amazing you are for getting through what you have . You must be soo strong and so proud of yourself .

I have a few problems that I'd lile spme advice on and to see if any of them sound similar to what you went though .

I am 26 , I started experiencing hot flushes from the age of 16 . I have felt unwell over the years but have had alot of tests done to check my hormone levels and thyroid ect .

I have been diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia, which can cause my sugar levels to drop . I have recently had a UTI , a urine sample was sent off as I had blood and white cells present .

The results came back as thrush, I have been treated for this now but something doesnt seem right . My periods have changed and I am getting pain on the right side of my abdomen. 

I have also had achey top legs (as I call them) in the past but they seem to be feeling worse . When I try to sleep I often feel like my heart is racing and can hear whoosing in my ears , I wake up flushed alot of the time , rosie cheeks most mornings .

I feel tired through the day and just feel unwell in general. Did you experience any of these symptoms at all , I feel like people may think Im being dramatic but I am worried sick . Thank you for taking the time to read this . 


Cervical cancer

29 Oct 2019 22:25 in response to Emzyc33

Hi all,

I have been worrying now for a few weeks. 

Basically, I had my daughter 18 months ago. Since then I have had a huge cyst removed from my ovary and my periods have been a lot heavier and lasting longer. My last two cycles it has felt like my body has been rejecting tampons. They feel unconfortable and seem to be pushing out after an hour or so. IT sounds gross but I had a feel around and I can feel a large lump inside that hasn't always been there. There is a hole at the bottom that I can feel and put my finger inside. Since then I have been feeling tired, bloated and I have had this pain in my knee/leg constant for the last two days. 

I feel like I already know the answer and that I have it. I had my smear three years ago and I am due one now which I am going to try and get an appointment tomorrow but I can't help but feel super concerned and like I know what the answer is already.

Has anyone had any of these symptoms?

Thanks in advance 


Cervical cancer

30 Oct 2019 00:33 in response to Emzyc33

Hi Emma,

Sorry for the delay in responding, I am just seeing this tonight.  I am not a doctor but based on your age, I'd be surprised if you had cervical cancer. I also have low blood sugar and that can make you feel flushed, tired, shaky, etc.  Just make sure to get your pap smear done and try to relax. Stress and worry can really amplify any twinges, aches and pains we have and make them seem much worse than they are.  Keep me posted on what you find out and thank you for your compliment above, it is very kind!

Laura xx

Cervical cancer

20 Nov 2019 12:46 in response to LauraP


i have had similar symptoms to some of those above and am really worried. My last period lasted 11 days I then had a couple days very light bleeding inbetween and am now 5 days late but getting bloody discharge when I wipe. Its not smelly though. I had a smear test about 3 years ago and all was clear. I’ve also been having some mild tummy aches and upper leg aches. I’ve had a blood test and am due to have an examination and ultrasound but that’s not for a few weeks. 

From what I’ve read it could be fibroids but also cervical cancer so I’m freaking out a bit. 


Any help would be appreciated xx